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I wonder if any of you RW guys could advise me which shoe would be best....
I have been using Kayano's for the past few years but have suffered from ITBS and wondered if it was something to do with the shoes. I have read your article in the latest RW and thought about getting either the Mizuno Renegade or Legend.
I usually weigh just over 14st and my physio said I had fairly low arches and my heels lean inwards suggesting that I overpronate. The footscan thingy showed that my footprint was fairly normal though.
I wonder if you could point me in the right direction - I know the old website had a shoe selector, do you still have it on this site as I couldn't find it.

So my questions are:
1. Legend or Renegade?
2. Are Kayano's suitable for me or not?
3. Do I fall into the stability or Motion Control bracket?
4. Can yuo suggest any other shoes?
5. Do you still have the shoe selector on the website?
6. What are the winning numbers for next weeks National Lottery?

Thankyou in advance, Homer.


  • 3 5 10 24 44 and 48 I hope (unless they were this weeks).

    I have used Kayanos for the last 3 years and find them good allround shoes.I tip the scales at 15+ so like the combination of cushioning and support.

    Have you tried asics Foundation, they are quite good for mid distance.

    Always found Mizuno too rigid.
  • Hello are there any RW people out there?
  • Hi Homer,

    Here are some answers:
    3) I'll answer this first simply because I can't! You need to get someone to look at your old shoes, the way you stand, you're running style…i can't do that here!. But, if you overpronate excessively you'll want MC shoes. However, heavier runners also often find that motion control shoes suit them best due to the extra support and cushioning provided.

    1) The Renegade and the Legend are both excellent motion control shoes but as the Renegade is the heaviest and most supportive, it could be a good choice for you, but try them both.

    2) If you don't have major motion control issues, the the Kayano is a good choice.

    4) If you do need an MC shoe: Brooks Trance or Beast. Stability: Saucony Grid Hurricane, New Balance 1220, Adidas Supernova
    5) Not yet.

    6) I'm not sharing them with you.
  • Rob, thanks for the answers, I do realise that you cant see me run or look at my feet and shoes etc. just wanted a little bit of general advice - you have provided that - thanks, bit disappointed with the answer to Q6. though.

    If you win, remember all your dear dear friends on this website!!!
  • Homer,

    If I win I'll get the Duffs in!
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