Rover 214SEi

Metalic Red, half leather interior (which is immaculate).
The exterior has the normal scratches and dents for its age, but is 100% rust free.

Full Service History and one previous owner.

First Registered January 1995 (M).

Tempermental starting in the cold or damp weather but I guess if your a mechanic you'd know how to sort this one out.

Selling for a bigger car (to fit kids and Christmas presents).

Make me an offer.


  • Give me fifty squid and I'll tow it down to the Bromley recycing yard for you.
  • Sorry Snoops, but I was hoping to sell it not give it away. It does still work and does work well (once warmed up). I know nothing about cars but Im sure it is just spark plugs etc. Still if it doesn't sell we will be a two car family.
  • it's not that it works or doesn't work that matters.

    It's the fact it's a Rover.

    Now there's a DOGG if I ever saw one.
  • Troublesome starting in damp for Rover 214s means it's the coil (right down near the front on the LHS (passenger side) getting damp. I know cos I run a 1992 214SLi (& have done for 5 largely trouble-free years) that's just started doing the same thing this autumn. Give it a shedload of WD40 & that should sort it.
  • Mike S

    Excelant and thanks for that. Its only just started giving jip this winter and up to now has been 100% excelant car and a lot of fun to drive.

    We have however upgraded to a 6 seater as I said above to give a little more room (and to split the kids up as my wife can't stand the fighting in the back seat!).

    I will have a look and get a can. I thought it might have been spark plugs needed changing, but as I said I know nothing about cars, (other than where the petrol and air goes).
  • SD taken you dont like Rover, but what about Kia?
  • Once had a Rover 2000 which used 2 pints of oil a day!
  • You had a good one then Snoop!
  • I only kept it so long because the girlfriend at the time got her rocks off doing in on real leather.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    A new battery can also work wonders for the starting foibles of Rovers.
  • Wonder if a new battery did anything for Snoop's girlfriend of the time...
  • Just so long as he didn't start anything..........
  • hey Ash, perhaps I will have that Rover off you after all.
  • DW - welcome back - it's been a long time!
  • Wanna buy a BMW, Volvo or Saab. Slight water damage, flooded engine (litteraly) and covered in seaweed.
    Location: In the North Sea.
    If you don't know what I'm on about have a look at yesterdays news.
  • Didn't need any artificial assistance in those days Rats.
  • Well if we are descending to the small ads, I have a set of used CKs (eyes right) up for grabs. High mileage, but still ready to impress. Salt water resistant... and get this.. you can actually go running in them, not like the Rover.
  • Snoop, yes it's been at least 24 hours!

    DD, how much boot space do they have? They looked a little cramped to me...
  • Snicker... no boot space yer cheeky monkey, the load space is up front and all taken.

  • Was the two pints of oil used as lubrication for the car or......???
  • I see there they come with a spare tyre or too as well! ;-)

  • Don't know if you should refer to your girlfriend as "Rover 2000" though.

    Mind you, she could have been a real dog, I suppose...

  • From hazy memory, she was a bit of a dog, but that was in my days of 'never mind the quality, feel the width' i.e. paper bag jobby, but you got a good handful.

  • tee hee hee been very funny reading this thread LOL, cheers guys and Dick nice trolleys mate!
  • That should have read 'spare tyre or TWO' of course!
  • I can vouch for the tip from Mike S about the poor starting in the cold/damp. Had a new coil pack fitted last summer after the car wouldn't start one day when we were on holiday. Local garage did it, can't remember the price but it wasn't expensive.
  • Will try the WD 40 tomorrow night. I have a spare battery which I bought a couple of weeks ago tried it, it didn't sort the problem so its sitting in the boot (with the spare tyre).

    In terms of boot space teh load is very good as the seats fold down and the car is a hatch back.

  • But since SD was talking about cars and youth I should tell you a little story (which still hasn't been admitted to to my dad). When I borrowed his car and ripped the door off the hinges reversing it into the local multi story (official version). Actual version was a littel sorta into the country lanes with other half and trying to reverse into a field out of site of the road... My girlfried was at outside giving me directions and I was reversing backwards. She shouted stop and I thought it was because of the gate post. Deciding I had enough room I carried on until I heard a very loud crunch. Unfortunatly she had not shut the passenger properly and the was a low level gate post in the way. ANy how this didn't stop us from shutting the door and getting to know each other a little better and its only on the way home when I pulled over to let her out of the back seat that we realised the I had torn the door off its hinges and that it would no longer open.

    Not one of my best weekends having told my father about my problem in the local car park with his nice new car...
  • that reminds me of something similiar about the time I had an Anglibox - a very old Ford 105E (the one with the back window which slanted inwards), which I got at 17, and paid £45 for.

    Parked up on the North Downs just below Kemsing with some local fanny - midsummer time, and it was still quite light.

    Something released the handbrake, or the ratchet was u/s, and the car rolled down the field and into a big pile of milk cans outside a barn, bending the front fender so it runned against the wheel and couldn't be driven - farmer's wife came out due to the noise as we were hastily rearranging ourselves (I'm sure one of those Carry On films stole the scene for one of their stories.)

  • Remind me never to get a lift with any of you guys.
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