Polar HRM and Technogym treadmills

Hi, new here!

I've found that the local gym have a Technogym treadmill (model "Run XT") which i enjoy using, especially with a HRM (I discovered this some years ago when I visited UK). Unfortunately, this gym don't provide such monitors, so I'm considering buying one of those HRM kits from Polar to use with the treadmill. My question is: will the treadmill accept the signals from the Polar "belt" so that I can use the fun heart rate-involved programs?

I performed a search on the forum and it seems the treadmill and the "belt" will be compatible, but I wanted a more clearcut answer. Also, in one thread I read that the "belts" using coded signals might not be compatible, is this true?



  • All Polar belts will work with every new piece of fitness equipment in gyms, you may want to get a coded belt, so it will not interfere with other users and other treadmills. Alternatively, get a HRM watch with a belt, so you can use it on the treadmill and outside as well. Check out www.totallyfitness.co.uk, they are the cheapest on the web
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