Mixed Marathon Considered

Well would you believe it, as Paula Radcliffe was so fast in 2002 the organisers are considering a mixed race race next year. I seem to remember that she'd have been the 9th fastest person if the race had been mixed.

Check out the BBC article for more.

Any thoughts, comments, opinions?

My Guide to entering the London Marathon.


  • Prefer it to stay the way it is because unfortunately due to the biological differences between men and women it's highly unlikely that we would have a woman winner for FLM if they mix it!

    Obvious but true!

  • The way i read the article about this in the Times on Sunday, was that only Paula would be running with the men and that was the problem as they wanted to retain the women's only race, but felt that without the men to pace/shield Paula she would not be able to set a new world record on the course. It's still under discussion though.
    Isn't London the ONLY marathon that has a women only race to set a true women's world record?
  • I think I'd like to see it stay as it is. I think the women's race would just become overlooked if it was mixed. I much prefer to watch 2 seperate races for entertainment purposes.
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