FLM Profiteering

Check this out http://www.london-marathon.co.uk/iframes/news/main.htm

Now they want £5 to tell you how to pay the £25 entry fee! Give the honest runner a break, people.

the bat


  • ...but it is a 'comprehensive guide'

    Rip-off :o)
  • I can help you... For the tidy sum of ten fine English Pounds.
  • All information which can easily be found for nunpence on this forum.

    But a fool and his/her money are soon parted.
  • my thoughts exactly Wilkie.

    Seems a bit mean on the poor wretched souls who a) don't run and b) don't waste half their working day on these Forums
  • i bet its that Dame Brendan Foster's fault, he's luvverly, except when he quits and blubs
  • I don't waste half my working day on these forums: I waste half my forum day working.
  • Like it wilkie!!

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