If the worst came to the worst...

I know it won't, cos I've built in loads of slack - but just suppose there was a monstrouns rail incident and my train was 4 hours late - is there an emergency number for registrations or anything like that?

just trying to make sure I worry myself about every little thing that could go wrong...


  • If your train is 4 hours late due to monstrous rail incident....it will be on the news. Send your ticket (showing you took that train route) with a letter to the organisers asking for a 'deferral' to next year.

    The emergency number on the day would be too busy for you to have a good chance of getting through

    OK....is that reassuring enough, or do you want a fluffy blanket and some hot chocolate to help you sleep well?

    Take care....I'm well impressed by all you marathoners.
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