2 weeks is a long time in forum land

Back with cold sores, consumption and alcohol poisoning! Two weeks on a camp site with the Basil Fawlty of the camping world in charge. Tents not fit for a refugee camp - shared mine with a family of slugs and some hedgehogs, and lots of rain. Only ran twice in two weeks!! SLOB! But actually had a great holdiay. Laughed loads, kids had great time (Angela's Ashes style community in the evenings) and location fab.

Stayed in beautiful St Jean De Luz, which incidentally appears to be the running capital of France. Reminded me of when I gave up fags, everyhwere I looked there were smokers. This time, I couldn't run and everywhere I looked there were runners. Now I've got to post a message to RW asking for emergency 10 week Marathon training plan...


  • Welcome back Snicks. Glad you had fun. I'm off to Euro Disney tommorrow. Hope it don't rain!
  • Hiya Snicks, Welcome back. If you're suffering from alcohol poisoning your first run will probably be a world record, going on your past alcohol induced performances!
  • Hi Snicks

    I wondered where you'd got to ! Glad you had a good holiday in spite of it all. I look forward to your next post!
  • Consumption of what, Snicks? Welcome back anyway.

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • Welcome back Snickers. Where's our postcard ???
  • Glad to see you back Snicks, wot no photo!!!

    Barkles, have a great break.

  • Welcome back you sound as if you had a fine time!
  • Snicks,

    I was slightly worried that you wouldn't come back to entertain us! Don't do it again!!!
  • I read that as fine wine. Probably not so far from the truth. Welcome back Snicks
  • Morning Snicks,

    Nice to have you back.

    About time you got the photo sorted out. I still have a copy if you want it!!! ;-)

    Glad you had a good time. I hope it was a break for you...

    All the best,

  • Welcome back Snicks...
  • hi snicks

    you missed a cracking thread on friday afternoon - 129 posts in 3 hours - you'd have enjoyed it....it was just like the old days

    check it out under "careless whisper"
  • Thanks for the welcome back. Drinking Vitamin C extra strong potion to try to restore health to pre holiday state. Just did scrapbook with my son and realised we packed a fair bit in to our two weeks, even with Monsoon season. Looking forward to getting back to running and talking about running! But in some ways I think it's good to have almost two weeks of not doing any exercise. Only prob is chest infection, believe you can't run with it...better get myself to the docs! RB, I'll email you with juicy goss, you know what I mean
  • WWR, we must have been dual posting...yes, must add to the Careless Whisper thread. Excellent idea! My kids are off soon, and then I'll be office bound working really hard for eight hours a day (expect I'll be up to 1000 post mark on their return)
  • Welcome home ,i was worried you were gone forever!
  • It's good to be back old timer! I'd never leave you without saying goodbye.
  • I hope you never do say goodbeye!
  • I hope you never do say goodbye!
  • Welcome back, Snicks :o)
  • Goodbeye, goodbye, I won't be doing either -just yet. Thanks Iain. There are so many new pics! Will try and get something sorted.
  • Hi Snicks, welcome back to blighty!

    Glad you had a nice relaxing holiday while us lot were busy slogging our guts out pounding the pavements!

    If I were you, I wouldn't worry too much about missing a couple of weeks training. I'm sure you'll be back into it before you know it and will be fighting fit for Dublin!
  • Hi Snicks, your holiday sounds worthy of a Channel 4 documentary. Glad you enjoyed it and had a good rest. I'll be asking you more about the hot gossip.
  • Laura, are you writing a book?
  • Laura, believe me, my holiday would have made the best reality TV programme ever. It was like been on the poor side of Big Brother, but with far more interesting life stories from the campers (all single parents). We were hated by the French, 'those Damn Seul parents', we had parties outside our tents until 4am, then were driven around in a clapped out old van on trips during the day. One of the campers decided that our leader had a form of autism. He kept telling us off, and plonking himself down at our tables at night with a bottle of a red to bore us with tales of his bizarre life... I could go on, add in Love triangles, and drinking games, and you get the picture...
  • Oh and had it confirmed by my doctor today that I do have a chest infection, and am now on antibiotics...
  • This sounds like a best seller in itself.
    Write the book Snicks, and throw in some running things too and we'd all buy it !
  • What are Love triangles, some type of French biscuit? I need to know for my book.
  • LauraL. Can we get a copy of your book at club rates

    Snicks. Did you ever finish that article where you quoted some rubbish I'd said
  • If you mean the one about running in your thirties then it was published a month or two back, including my quote (amongst many others).

  • No I think it was about 10k v Half v Marathon times. Where do you two get published then
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