2 weeks is a long time in forum land



  • Blue Knees, the piece on what distance are you best suited for should be out soon. Sorry once it's done and I've invoiced, I lose track.
    Laura, not a biscuit, a cheese spread, Dairy l'amour, bit like our very own Dairylea
  • Sorry Snicks but you didn't say where
  • Oh, not La Vache Qui Rit then? (my book's a French phrase book, naturellement Genoux Bleux)
  • snicks - what gives??

    posts down by 1000%; runing times improved by 20% (any correlation)

    i'm going to have to get sterling (who's on hols, but with whom i'm running/swimming the budapest half mara in 10 days) to ressurect some of your original threads...

    fun eh??
  • BK, remember, it's a piece for the other side, the unmentionalbes, the opposition (Running Fitness)...
    WWR: Has his lordship been on the Port? Don't think my posts have reduced as much as you think? How much swimming do you do in the Budapest Half - sounds good.
    And surely, even the great Sterling won't be able to dig out old posts now, what with the flash new site...
    Laura, ashamed to admit that my French consists of : Bonjour, Comment Ca Va, Une Beer s'ils vous plait, et merci.... The Cow who Rit, what's that then?
  • Snicks,

    Didn't you forget 'Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir....' as the song goes??? Not of course that you would ever say such a thing being a good Catholic girl and all....

    'La Vache Qui Rit' is the laughing cow cheese triangles...I'm sure you must have seen them there...

    All the best,

  • Cheers Snicks, I'll have a look at the mag. Hasn't RB got a picture of you that you could use?
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