Just like to say HI, I've been away.

For all those who remember me from earlier on this year, Old Alfieboy has had problems but is now back up and running. I had a nasty accident back in July which left me in a bad way but I have now over come the physical and mental side of it, and whilst I was going through all that I had already planned to move my family to Germany, but thats part of forces life. Anyway I am now fighting fit in a cold snowy Germany,and have a place in the FLM 2003. SO how are all the OLD Members (excuss the old) on here then??????


  • hello
    Im new, since september
    Im in FLM too
    Welcome back
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Good to see you back Alfieboy. Good to hear you've recovered. You may bump into MartinH if you do some events over there!

    Welcome home.
  • Hi Alfie - welcome back. I'm new like Benz, and in FLM 2003 too, also live in Germany, same as Martin H and a couple of others.
  • Welcome back Alfie. I'm not new and I haven't got an FLM place unless I get a club place; 3 available, lots of people talking about applying.
  • Welcome back from me too...

    ...I'm new and I'm not sure I like these forums...

    ...I will be running the FLM though....
  • Alfie, you won't know me, I was new as of August, but welcome back all the same.
  • Hello Tim - good luck with it all.
    Not sure if I'm old or not - March 2002?
    I'm not in the FLM but have a nice big fleece instead. Did FLM this year though - absolutely brilliant.

    RB - I think you're being a little economical with the truth?!
  • I'm new like the last few days, can't believe Caz is only here since August, seems like she's part of the furniture, and very, very popular!!! (All of her!!!)
  • Ben, I'm just very, very socialable. Ok, ok, I like a drink :)
  • Oh and Ben it doesn't take long to become part of the furniture around here. You'll be an old timer after just a few weeks!
  • I really can't spell today either.
  • Had a little drinky yet Caz???

    If not, why not???
  • Morning RB

    Caz can't be that bad.... too early for booze

  • Never too early..

  • No drinks yet today, hmmmm, I'm going secret santa shopping lunchtime, oh won't that be fun, might have to ask the pub to do me a hip flask for the task!
  • You don't want to get caught out without some sustenance!! Could lead to withdrawal symptoms!!
  • And we don't want that now do we!
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