Training Session - Tuesday 17 December 2002

What: Nothing
Why: Rest after run yesterday.

Last hard: Run the other day.
Last rest: Today.

Come on then! :)


  • I'm a bit out of synch here because I ran last night but have only just got to my pc

    What ? Nothing - Zip - Nada - Nowt
    Why ? Rest day after last nights 32min 4 miler
    Last hard- Goodness me they are all hard at the mo !
    Last rest - Today , and maybe tomorrow because I stumbled flying round a corner and nearly turned my ankle...oh and I've got a sniffle :(
  • Nothing
    Cos I overslept
    feel Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad
  • Memo to self, must not drink a mug of tea, glass of orange juice and down a full bowl of Alpen 5 mins before leaving the house ...

    What :- 11 miles steady to work in the dark
    Why :- Tuesday, need the miles !
    Last hard :- Sunday
    Last rest :- yesterday
  • good morning all,

    What : nothing
    Why : foolishly agreed to meeting at lunch and have more decorating to do tonight at home

    Last Hard : Sunday
    Last Rest : Saturday
  • Good Morning All!

    What: 5k Easy
    Why: Easy Run After Race on Sunday

    Last Hard: Sunday Race (32Min 4.2Miles)

  • Morning all - christmas lunch today - bring on the turkey!

    What: Club night - intervals of some type

    Last hard: can't remember
    Last rest: all last week
  • Morning everyone
    What: Nothing
    Why: Scheduled Rest Day
    Last Hard: Sunday
    Last Rest: Monday 9th December
    Cheers ears,
  • Eh up Pet! Ows we doin then.

    What: mayybee club circuit training
    why: I ought to pretend I still like them
    last hard : 12/12
    last rest: sun

    did 8 minutes at slow 9 min/miling on treadmill before discretion took over on my knee and I didia quick burn on the ellipictal trainer. Knee OK today. Will try for 10/12mins on wed. Not enjoying following all the cracking sessions you are all putting in - feel a sham.

    Achilles, I've heard of stress relief...but surely that takes the biscuit, Not even Mr Tracy asks that of his boys!
  • Morning from the ball droppingly freezing North of Scotland

    What: 5 miles
    Why: scheduled run

    last hard: a while ago
    last rest: all last week
  • How do.

    What: Ponder a dilemma.
    Why: It's club night at 6-30 and work Crimbo dinner on the table at 7-30. I reeealy want to run. Should I
    (a) run for a bit then head off,
    (b) stuff the tedious old dinner and run the full sesh, or
    (c) get pissed, go to the dinner, eat lots, get more pissed, and see a psychiatrist about curing my running obsession tomorrow?
    Only you lot will understand why I'm tending towards (a) and (b). :-)

    Last hard: Saturday 13M.
    Last rest: Sunday.
  • what: quality session with the Wirral girls
    why: it's Tuesday

    last hard day: Tue
    last rest day: Mon
    last long day: Sun - but have I got it out of my legs yet? We shall see....
  • my schedule.. it says..

    30 mins at lvel R ( 150 bts perminute) followed by 30 mins stretching and some imagery....
    quite an easy night then...
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Swerve - It depends. If I thought the dinner was going to be v. tedious and there was nothing to be gained by being there I'd probably bin it and run instead. If it was a case of needing to show my face I'd probably go to the run for a bit then head off.Or I'd take a night off running and shamelessly get wrecked ...

    Anyway, over to me!

    What: 3.6 or 4.1 mile recovery run (depends what time I get home!)
    Why: Hard 31-minute 4.1 mile fartlek run last night (mostly uphill).
    Last hard: Yesterday (especially after spending my whole lunch break charging round High Street Kensington THEN stopping off at Oxford Circus on my way home!!)
    Last rest: Sunday.
  • What:5 miles stead @ 7am
    Why: scheduled run
    Last Hard: Sunday (daft number of hills in rain)
    Last Rest: Friday
  • What: 6x600m with 250m recovery
    Why: club session
    Last hard: Sun
    Last rest: Mon
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Hello dudes,
    Back again after a lovely weekned at Center Parcs (Longleat) with Mrs D , 2 kids,Bruv and sis-in-law.
    Last Thursday : 3 miles fast
    Friday : loads of walking (with 20kg child on shoulders), rapids with grown ups (bless those babysitters) and fast food meals.
    Saturday : all over massage, loads of walking, and did approx 2 mile run (16min40) with my brother around the 1 in 8 hills
    Sunday : loads of walking , 2-3 hours in the Aqua Sana (steam rooms,sauna,ice room)
    Monday : zip - up all night with smallest (I say all night,really it was from 10pm to 2am,3am to 5am and 6am onwards....)
    Today : 4.5 miles all off road
    Why : needed to stretch my legs
    Last hard : Thursday
    Last Rest : Yesterday

  • Nice, easy mile and a half.
  • 3.2 miles by pedometer
    Thats better
  • Swerve, the beer always tastes better after a run...

    What: 5 x 6min with 2min rest

    Why: speed day, and I'm sure we will actually do this session tonight. I've been posting this session for the last 3 weeks on a Tue and have ended up doing something different.

    Last Hard: Saturday

    Last Rest: Sunday
  • What: Speed session in Regents Park, 3 x 1min, 5 min, 3 x 1min, 5 min.
    why: no reason for the breakdown, couldn't think what else to do
    Last hard: today, i was tired
    Last easy: yesterday, I was a slob

    Great fun running past camels, wolfs and eagles! Felt a bit sorry for them though. They do look bored! Lots of runners out. Wonder what it will be like in January
    Back to work - check over shoulder....
  • In case your wondering - I was running past London Zoo
  • Glad to see even KK has rest days occasionally.

    Mike, hope you enjoy your 'quality session with the Wirral girls'. :)

    What: 3.5 hrs xcountry with a fair bit of ascent in gorgeous winter sunshine. Nice gentle pace approx 62% whr.
    Why: Power off all morning so good excuse not to do any work and go out running instead. And friend reminded me we're supposed to be doing 23mile xcountry event the weekend after Helsby, so tested part of the route today. Shattered now, please can this count as my long run this week?
    Last rest: yesterday
    Last hard: Sat.
  • Wow! Well done Laura - you can definitely count that as this week's long run.

    I'm running 2.5m handicap with Club tonight. Don't feel like doing it actually. Feel like having one of those runs where you just head out the door, no time or route planned and just run.

    Oh well, another day perhaps. At least I'm getting a run tonight.
  • Go there Laura, well done for today.

    What: 16km ( 10 miles )1hr 12mins.
    Why: Done 18 miles on sunday, needed a complete recovery yesterday after also working 12 hrs on sunday night, pretty wrecked come monday morning, so thought id do a longish steady run today.

    Last Hard: Sunday
    Last Rest: Monday

    Keep it up folks!!
  • What: Nothing, rest day.

    Why: Raced XC on Sunday followed by a 5KM RR tomorrow and a moderately paced 4M off road run in between.

    Last Hard: XC race on Sunday.

  • Yeah, I was running like KK before I was injured - the temptation is there to just ramp straight back up to that level of training again, but I know I'll just overtrain and come a cropper so it's all about the slow buildup :)
  • Not all the usual girls turned up - one new bloke did - so it was 3 of each; for once the blokes weren't outnumbered.
    2/3rd mile "warm up" (misnomer), then tempo run in sub-zero temperatures - covered about 8.5-9K in just under 34 mins. Got back to the car after 1 mile+ warm down & found ice on the windows. The puddles on the pavement were starting to freeze over as well.
    Struggled to keep up with the new bloke & the fastest woman & gradually faded to about 50m+ adrift. Checking back on the splits later, found we'd gone out at sub 6 minute mile pace, so perhaps not surprising. We all slowed quite a lot over the last mile or so.
    Didn't enjoy it at the time, but glad I managed the session now.
  • just a steady 5 miles with my girlfriend she wants to get into running as she plays rugby.

    Ran 12 miles yesterday with the club.
  • Monster speed session on the treadmill 16 x 2min at top speed with 60 secs rest.

    yesterday steady 6 miles

    sunday easy 17 miles

    saturday fast hilly 8 miles

    dunno how the hell I managed the speed session today
  • Hi everybody, sorry didn't read thru the thread today BUT will tomorrow!

    What: Treadmill 5k in 29.30 mins(good time for me)
    Last rest: yesterday
    Last hard : can't remember

    My calf still hurt but hopefully will get better !

    Good Night all!
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