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RW, just got back from holiday. On my own with two kids, and didn't think it fair to palm them off onto strangers so didn't manage to train. Anyway, to the point. I have 10 weeks to train for Dublin Marathon. I was following the RW training plan published for FLM 2002, but obvioulsy missed two weeks now. I'm guessing the core is to get the long runs and speed sessions right, but want to build up without causing injury...any ideas where I can get help?


  • Hi Snicks,
    hope you had a good holiday! While I can't offer expert advice, I would suggest you concentrate on building the miles (long runs)and forget about speed sessions. I think this would be the best way to avoid injury at this stage. Also, make sure you have recovery days as I know you teach fitness too, which must make it difficult to fit it all in. Good luck!
  • Thanks Hilly, that sounds good advice. I've done a fair bit of speed work since London so I'll carry on with it, but not go too mad. I suppose I just need to work out how to build up my long runs, allowing enough time for tapering...around seven weeks to get to 20 miles
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Agree with Hilly. The most important aspect for marathon training is the mileage / time on your feet thingee. After all if you can't manage the distance then the speed is irrelevant!
    Missing two weeks may well be a benefit in the long run ie relaxation/rest , however in my experience holidaying with two children is in no way relaxing.
  • two weeks isn't going to make a fatal dent if you've been training up until your holiday, so don't despair at all.

    my advice would be to ease back into the RW schedule if that was working for you, but do so gradually - and most important of all, which I'm sure you know, don't try to make up for lost time.

    the one thing you want to avoid right now is getting injured - so easy does it, especially with speed sessions and long mileage (the rule of thumb is between 5-10% increase in distances per week and no more!) and equally try to factor in a week or two where you "plateau" or even cutback, in addition to your final taper.

    I'd also agree with the others about the importance of "time on your feet", because it's those long runs that will give you the most confidence going into the big day, and they're the one ingredient that is really indispensable (especially if you've got any anxieties about "hitting the wall"), as they train you to cope with the messy business of burning fat for fuel once you've run low on stored glycogen.

    don't panic - there's still plenty of time, and best of luck. s.
  • Thanks for all the advice. Right, long runs it is then!
  • Go on Snicks, you know you can do it without worrying too much. Haven't really got anything to add to the rest, just to say good luck. You've got time for 2/3 long runs and if you make the first one slow you can probably do it quite soon even without a perfect build-up.
  • Thanks Laura, feel more optimisic today, even though on antibiotics for a chest infection. The doc said not to go too mad, but I think I'll be okay. I won't get pnemonia or anything...will I, RW?
  • Snicks, I don't know of anyone who's caught pneumonia through following our schedules! I think the advice you've already been given is great. Missing two weeks won't affect you too much (at least I hope not as I'm going through a two week, Bounty bar eating. laziness induced two week lay-off myself!) The long runs are important of course, as is the speed work, but don't feel you have to follow the schedules to the letter. Just keep doing what you're comfortable with, look forward to the marathon, and enjoy it!!
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Only additional suggestion is not to do anything really strenuous, eg speed work, etc, until you've done your next long run, mainly because you've got a chest infection.
  • Woops Drew, pre Doc appointment I did a post two week doing nout speed sesh! Went to the docs all hot and sweaty. He didn't comment but when I said I'd been in a tent for two weeks (hence the chesty thing) he said, 'what at a pop festival?' I really don't think I look the type - but there you go.
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