last minute cold

Yep, in the last few days I have developed some cold-like symptoms. It is not a full blown cold or flu by any means, just a intermittently stuffy nose and a bit of catarrh.

I've blown my wages on a trip to Boots and am stocking up with industrial doses of Vit C, echinacea, berroca and zinc to stop it getting any worse and that seems to be doing the trick.

the question is whether to run or not? I know the advice is not to run when unwell or loaded with a virus but the truth is, I feel pretty good apart from the little sniffles now and then.

Any advice/ reassurance/ commiseration is very welcome.

the (sniffing) bat


  • Go for it, Batters! Don't let a sniffle stop you now!
  • Hi Bat,
    Dont worry i am sure you will be fine, keep up with the vit c and i am sure come race day you will feel fine, in my experience the week before a race you always seem to get so paranoid that you feel every little niggle and sniffle. aslong as the cold is not on your chest then it is safe to run not ideal but you will get round.
    Good luck
    See you there
    Dean runner 50796
  • H Batfink

    Ditto for me too, sorethroat, catarrh, etc. I'm going to go for it. I had worse in Feb and the Doc gave me anti-biotics 5 days before the Reading HM. I asked about running and he said it would be fine, even if I am still taking the botics.

    Agree with Dean, as this was all in my head and throat, and not on my chest.

    All the best

    andyp 22620
  • Cheers fellas (and any ladies!)

    I've managed to avoid cold etc all year despite sharing a flat with people who work with kids and have a different version of flu every week.

    Being healthy has really helped my training as I've only missed a couple of runs due to injury/ illness and I'm bang on track to get my target time. I'd just hate it if something outside of my control got in the way of achieving what I've work bloody hard for over the last 5-6 months.

    I'm reassured to hear that my sinus-ey trouble is not as bad for running as a chesty cold so I'll give it a crack.

    the bat 11627
  • I've got the sniffles and a sore throat too - my first since beginning serious training - typical. I agree with Dean on being paranoid, today I wake up and my groin feels tight and sore for no apparent reason- hmmm, think it's all psychosomatic!!!!
  • Go for it Batfink !

    Similar for me - came out in a viral rash a few days ago, now fading. Other niggles too, mostly in the head I'm sure. You are not alone ! I am much more positive today - you should be too. We've done the training, we WILL do it, no matter how long it takes us !
  • screw that - I know I can get around 26.2 miles! I trained to do it under 3 hrs and anything less for me is heartbreak!

    not a very popular opinion to hold but there you go.

    oh, and thanks for the encouragement too - I'm sure i'll wake up on Sunday full of the joys of spring!
  • Hi Batfink,

    Just an idea, but do you normally suffer from hayfever? I've had similar symptoms to yours since last week and I've found that hayfever tablets and nasal spray have really helped.

    But whatever, the adrenalin will kick in on the day and I'm sure it won't affect you at all.

    Good luck
  • I've got a full blown cold and no matter what cocktail of cold remedies I take I can't seem to stop my nose running. Has anyone got any tips?
  • NN - never suffered from hayfever in my life. I think the sniffle is due to being around so many other sniffling souls.

    Becks - sudafed is the best thing I've found for unblocking a nose but I understand it aggravates asthma in those already asthmatic. Not sure if it will impact lung performance of non-asthmatics though. As the ads say 'Always read the label'!

    Having whinged about my sniffle, I've not had to blow my nose once this morning - the corner has been turned!

    the bat
  • you are not alone. I'd been all smug staying injury and illness free throughout my training - and on Wednesday I wake up with a full blown cold.

    Of course I'm going to run, and I WILL get round, but I'd be devastated if my target time is blown just because of a sodding cold! I'm SO determined to get my 3.30 - is this some kind of cruel test?!

    Best of luck for sunday everyone
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