Same time, Same place, next year????

Wow, what a hot one, im not in as bad a state as last year. Still a little sore though.
Well done all,

So, who's up for it again.


  • Against my better judgement...count me in!
  • On the grounds that they're holding it on my birthday - it would be rude not to!!!

    It'll be my first!!

  • Well I have a PB to beat now, so I guess I have to :O)
  • No chance! Give me a quiet marathon any day, but I might see you at Mudchute.
  • Ahh come on mr w.
    Well done pienapper, me too, only by 4 minutes tho.
  • Sorry, Danno. It was too crowded for me. I like to run at a steady pace and I couldn't with so many people. But, it's a great event and I'm always happy to spend a day cheering on those of you who enjoy it.
  • At 15 miles it was a case of, "I am doing this agin, big time", at between 20-25 I was not so sure, but having finished my first marathon (3:47) I will be back next year (place pending) and if I am not sucessful via the ballot I will find another marathon to run.

    But I thought the whole day was fab, crowds totally fantastic -little too hot for me, but great all the same.
  • Will be great to see you all there 'cos I know that I'm in next year(on 5 rejections)watch em change the rules. WELL DONE ALL YOU DESERVE A MEDAL ( AND A "T SHIRT THAT DOESN'T FIT)
  • I didn't get a place this year, am hoping to next year - any tips? Or is it really just luck luck luck?
  • Didn't get my secondary target of 3:30, (although I did manage to crack my main target of sub 4 hours) so off I go again next year......

    Still, knocked almost 20 minutes off my first Marathon time of 4:11:52(Paris - 2001), so with a bit of luck, and a little bit cooler day next year, 3:30 should be achievable!

    Hopefully see you all next year then....
  • Count me in.

    Fantastic day.
  • I'm in - first marathon yesterday and loved it despite not cracking my 4hr target. Onlyneed to knock off just under 9 mins though which should be achievable with another year's training.
  • CJUK, despite what they say I think finish time counts ( see my thread about predicted finishes) so pick one that is out of the main times, just bend the truth a bit, I really think it will work in your favour. Good luck mate, you will probably need it.
  • For the 1st time ever, I achieved a GFA time on Sunday. But, because it's new to me & I don't fully understand how the system operates, I'm left wondering if my efforts this year will get me a place in FLM '06; because the 2006 race is on 23/04/06 which is more than a calendar year from the '05 FLM.

    Do I need to try for another GFA time or will Sundays time be ok for next year? Does anyone know? I've called FLM to enquire but got reply. Thanks in advance,

  • Actually, it's not wishing your life away (glad I saw this thread it's cheered me up now).

    Yes, ballot or bond - i'm in.
  • EP - Thanks for that info. - a much faster response compared to the FLM peeps too!

  • I'll be there! got a GFA time so am very very pleased.
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