Are there many inclines in the FLM

Hi Managed to get a GB entry into the FLM, first time for me, is the course relativly flat or are there many slopes ? curently training up to 14 miles with 3 Bitch hills on route so just trying to get a level of effort required over the weeks to come.


  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    From memory, a couple of gentle inclines, but nothing in the least bit scary. Keep training on the bitch hill, and London will feel like it's downhill.

    Good luck - wish I could say I was going to be there to, but I'm a reject :-(
  • It's about as flat as they get.
  • I'm inclined to agree CI
  • Flatter than that. I think the finish is slightly lower than the start.
  • Thanks for the feed back, I,ll keep the hills in the training to help build the leg strength up.
  • From memory (there was a sort of height map think in a newspaper pullout) the finish is about 30-40 metres lower than the start.

    A nice downhill at the start, a bit of an incline coming out of Greenwich going along Creek Road, maybe a slight up going into Surrey Quays, and the underpass at about 23-24 miles (after a nice downhill, but even that can kill your legs after that far!).

    These are all pretty minor - not what I'd call bitch hills!
  • If it was any flatter it would be concave!
  • Don't forget the horror incline coming out of Tower hill, and the cobblestones. Nightmares about the cobblestones for weeks afterwards!!! :-)

    Seriously though JB if you're doing hill training you won't even feel any of the slight inclines
  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    And you have to go up over Tower Bridge. Agree about the horrible incline coming off the cobbles at Tower Hill, that's the steepest bit I reckon.
  • Oh yeah - there is that bit up off the cobbles, but I didn't think the cobbles were bad at all. I avoided the carpet as it was too crowded.

    Watch out for the Speed bumps at the start - someone took a nasty tumble there this year !
  • Oh yeah and don't go full pelt at the start because this year, toilets were positioned 600m from the start and loads of people stopped to have a wee causing the entire field to grind almost to a halt.
  • Yeah Parky - I'd just about broken into a jog before everyone veered across the road to the loos, and stopped me dead in my tracks.

    Cost me about 43 mins I reckon. ;-)
  • Yep - if it was any flatter you would be going downhill!

    Except for Tower Bridge and that blasted underpass coming back from the east - I know it isn't much but I really hate having to run under that tunnel and then up the other side.
  • The worst bit is from the 800m to go sign just as you turn onto the Mall - bloody long 1/2 mile!!
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