Comments on the new course

I hated the new bit through Canary Wharf. It felt like we were running in endless circles, plus that's where I always feel the chilly wind. On balance tho', it more than made up for St Katherine's dock and the cobbly bit. It felt great at 22 miles knowing that it was basically a straight run in on the flat to the finish.


  • the bit round the Isle of Dogs was quite windy- it felt like whichever direction I was going, the wind was always coming straight towards me!
  • No pleasing anyone. I thought it all linked together well.
  • Also, if you'd done it before it was a bit disorienting in the Isle Of Dogs. Going into the tunnel at 15 miles instead of 19 felt very odd.

  • I prefered the change of direction. Felt less undulating to me and getting to the city later was more encouraging.

    I liked the cobbles but did not mind the long run in either.

    Thought the coned off road in docklands made the route far too narrow for a while.
  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    I think it was a shame not to run past the Tower of London, cobbles or not. It's one of the great landmarks on the course. I found it very confusing going the wrong way round docklands and as for having people running on the left hand side of the road on the two-way bit, very peculiar. Perhaps I know the old course too well.

    Yes, there were narrow bits at times. Not sure if this was due to the crowds sneaking forwards though as they only seemed to be held back by tape in places.

    I thought the crowds were very good.
  • I agree that it was a shame to miss the tower - I always look forward to it at what is a difficuolt stage at 22 miles and somehow plodding along the endless dual carriageway was not the same and I had a bit of a walk here for the first time even though I was 2 minutes inside my PB. I thought that canary wharf as far less impressive the other way around too.
  • Thought the course was a bit long, myself. Maybe trim it to 20 miles next year? ;-)
  • They moved Big Ben!
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