Results Question

maybe i am being a little slow today (in more ways than the walking...) but on the results it says W20 after mine. I presumed they just got my age wrong ( I am 28) but my cousin (who is 24) also has W20 beside hers so is this the category rather than the age?


  • I think it's 'woman in her twenties'. Mine says 'M40' and I'm a bloke in my 40s.
  • That would make sense - thanks. Good for me as i am at the older end of my 20's its nice to still be in the young group!!!
  • Does anyone know how many runners there were in each age group? In the official results it's nice to know you came x-thousandth in your age group, but doesn't really mean much without knowing how large the group is!

    Has this been published anywhere?

  • Just select the age group your interested in then male or female, then search when the first page comes up go to the last page and the last fella/ ladys results should tell you there age group pos, which should be the amount of people in that group. Works in theory
  • I just used this method in the M20 group and it said 4670 and the time was 8.01.21
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