Why do I feel sick after a good race or work out?

If I run in the evening I leave 2 hours gap and usually eat pasta, so I don't think it's anything to do with food?!


  • I sometimes get this too. I think it could be due to a lowered level of blood sugar, but I'm not sure.
  • I have had this too after really going for it in races, and even had blurred vision like a migraine. both my doctor and optician agree it is probably linked to blood sugar levels
  • Thanks, that's interesting really as I am somebody who ALWAYS eat sweets things all the time !
    Is it anything I can do to stop it?
    So if I eat more sweet food, would it improve?
    It's actually very annoying sometimes, if I run too fast I can feel that I am going to be sick & obviously slow down.
  • I think I read somewhere that it's down to blood being routed to your muscles, and hence away from the gut, which affects the gut function.

    Seing the number of Elite athletes who hurl immediately on crossing the finishing line it looks like it's something that everyone suffers from, I guess how bad it is is linked to how much effort you're putting in.

    Are you drinking enough when you run? Dehydration might well make the problem worse.
  • What are you drinking? If I drink cold drinks when training I feel the need to hurl too! Switching to drinks at room/outdoor temperature seems to cure it for me.
  • I usually have some water before a 5k on treadmill but not during, as I can't!
    10K race, I usually have a few sips of water at the station.
    & long runs I always have water with me!

    So maybe it's not how often I drink but How Much! I always try to drink 2 litres a day( I think that's the daily average?)

    I just thought, people hand in Jelly Babies during races, that could be why?
  • Maybe 2 hour gap is not actually long enough.
    If running after a meal I would leave 3 hrs as a minimum.
    Could be worthwhile leaving longer ??
  • I've said this several times before (cue for yawns): I can't eat anything at all before I run. So, no afternoon running for me or I'd faint!
  • You can't eat anything before a run Sassie... not even the week before???
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