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My reason for running, apart from the ever deepening belly button, is racing 1/2 marathon and football, in that order. Both take about 90 mins but different demands on the muscles. I started weight training in the gym seems to help in overall fitness and body strength. I run mornings and visit the gym lunch times. Does anyone else train this way? Any exercises that you have found helpful/dangerous? Does the extra muscle ie weight, slow you down or speed you up? Would my 1/2 marathon time improve if I did weights more, less, differently (high reps v low reps)? or any other thoughts


  • Don't get time to go to the gym now but I favour relatively high weight low reps - maybe 2 sets of 6. I would also favour free weights.

    Build programme around squats (running puts far higher forces through the body), chins and bench press plus abs work.

    That's just what I did based on a little reading and talking to people.
  • Nick,

    Some useful articles on the US Runners World website as follows:


  • I run and weight train.I always go on the weights first then run,or if I can spare the time run another day.Strength training for your legs will help,just ask Paula Radcliffe.
  • I would have thought that relatively low weights and high reps would be the order of the day to help with stamina.

    Stomach/back exercises for stability would be good too, I imagine, although free weights will help with this of course. I tend to do upper body on hard days training when the legs are knackered.
  • thanks for the info folks. I'll try it soon when I am over this virus. 5 weeks with on exercise - murder!!
  • Weights can be very valid as long as you know what areas you are developing.
    Shoulders and Arms are often overlooked in the quest for improved running.
    Overworking certain muscle groups can have an adverse effect on overall balance and posture.
    Try this routine.
    Day 1. Incline Leg Press Machine
    warm up with light poundage followed by
    4 sets of 8 reps Maximum poundage !

    Day 2. Rest Day
    Day 3. Work the Shoulders 4sets of 8 reps
    Dumbell side raises (nice and slow) feel the burn. light poundage.
    Day 4. Hill Running (nice long)steep 30 mins
    Day 5. Mixed running(as you feel)45 mins
    Day 6. Rest Day
    Day 7. Long Run (Cross Country)90 mins
    All the best.

  • Low weight high reps best for lean muscle tone see bodydoctor ex on body tone
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