Training Session - Wednesday 18 December

What: X-training sesh. Upper body, cycle, swim.
Why: It's the day to x-train.

Last hard: Will definitely be today - my x-training is quite erm "vigorous"!
Last rest: Yesterday.


  • Morning to everyone.

    Had to use a few gallons of warm water to get the ice off the car this morning. Ice forecast to return this evening also :-(

    what: recovery jog for about 30 mins
    why: following on from yesterday's tempo run
    last hard day: Tue
    last rest day: Mon
  • Hello there one and all,

    had a few beers last night and got some more tonight so theres only one thing for it

    What : 7 mile fartlek
    Why : because its gotta hurt!!!!

    Last Hard Day : Sunday
    Last Rest Day : Yesterday
  • Morning Everyone.

    What: 6 Miles Steady
    Why: Schedule says so!

    Last hard day: Sunday
    Last Rest Day: Monday

  • Oh dear! This festive season is doing me no good at all...totally failed to go to running club last night, drank wine instead.
    Definitely, definitely going tonight.
    What: prob about 8 miles steady
    Why: midweel longish run
    Last hard: Sun
    Last rest: erm, yesterday
  • Morning Loons

    What: Gym - a bit of eveything but concentration on legs.

    Why: I'm sure it helps prevent injury and increase speed (still waiting to seet he benefits).

    Last Hard: Yesterdays speed session

    Last Rest: Sunday

  • Time for me to put an (increasingly rare) post on the training forum. Currently in first week of enforced lay-off from running, knee not really responding that well and I suspect it may be surgery required but I'll wait until the new year for the (bad?) news.

    Have been keeping fit with lots and lots of cross training, mainly cycling, which is tough given the freezing conditions at the moment. Thought my extremities were going to fall off on Saturday after a manic descent over about 10 kilometres.

    Finally had enough of cross training yesterday and went for a run - probably a mistake as pain returned afterwards - but enjoyed the run nontheless. Frustrating!

    Today: More cycling and more rower
    Why: More cross training
    Last hard day: Saturday - cycled up an incredibly steep hill, had to breathe through my ears near the top.
    Last rest day: Last Thursday
  • That should have said second week of enforced lay-off and first week of holiday
  • Martin, Hope things get better with time.

    What: Possibly 2.5-3 miles round my hilly route
    Why: Trying to improve my hill running
    Last Hard Run: Last night was my longest run in a while but I don't feel tired so I guess I can try a bit more
    Last rest day: Monday - not feeling very well

    Aiming for 10k on new years day and a half marathon in march.
  • Martin, sorry you are out of action. Hope you are getting good help with it.

    What: 2 miles, variable. Hooray. Legs, particularly the left one appallingly stiff. I shall have to get help with that one if it doesn't sort itself out in the next few weeks. (Left side always gets it worst.) Doesn't matter. It's a start.
  • Morning all. Hope those out of action get back soon.

    What: Rest?
    Why: Did the resting heart thing this a.m. and was 10-15 higher than usual, and it sounds really professional to lay off for that reason. Oh, and I'll be doing hard stuff tomorrow.
    Hard: Saturday
    Rest: Kind-of yesterday. Did a grand total of ~3K with my club before having to rush off to my work do. Wrong decision!
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Like Compass Kath, I totally failed to go running last night (wrapped presents and drank beer instead!) DEFINITELY going tonight ...

    What: 4.1 miles easy.
    Why: 'Cos I should have done this last night.
    Last hard: Monday.
    Last rest: Yesterday.

    Hope I'll make it out tonight but at the moment feels like someone is standing on my chest - have extremely painful gut poisoning/indigestion - only cause I can think of is poisoning from licking over 200 envelopes yesterday. Probably the glue isn't very good for you after so many!! Hope the pain subsides soon as I could barely sleep last night.
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Was going to do a 80-90 minn long easy x-c run today but have woken up with blocked sinuses and a very sore throat.
    So I'll be taking it easy today and maybe go out for a easy 30mins tonight if I feel any better.

    Martin, sorry to hear you're still struggling,I'm sure you'll be up to speed again soon enough.
  • sorry to hear about the injury being long term Martin.
    Keep posting - your presence is missed - especially on this forum.
  • Hi MartinH, Good luck mate, lots of empathy, I hope I'm not follwoing yr knee problem.

    what: day off - carol concert

    knee survivded circuit training last night, hope for 15 easy minutes tomorrow.
  • Ello

    What : 4 mile steady or maybe a bit of fartlek , can't decide
    Why : COs I want to
    Last rest : yesterday

    On my last run I tried to race a lorry which was driving around my pace, I let it win in the end though !
  • What: 4 miles this morning temparature -5%!!!
    6 miles this afternoon.

    Why: scheduled run plus a bit extra
    Last rest: Friday
  • -5% = -5 degrees!!!!
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    What: 6 x 1 mile off 1 lap jog recoveries at 10k pace
    Why: Not quite what Frank Horwill says, but couldn't quite manage the 45 sec recoveries that he recommends
    Last rest day: yesterday
    Last hard day: today
  • Thanks to all the well wishers. My absence from the form is due to being away from work rather than any lack of enthusiasm for virtual conversation!!

    Anyway, have done todays session which ended up as about 90 minutes tough off road cycling and with temperatures below freezing the double gloves and shorts underneath lycra tights was a definite must. Will probably jump on the rower for 15-20 mins later this afternoon.

    Whilst I'm frustrated at not running - looking on the positive side I certainly feel a lot stronger from the cross training and I think if I do get a long term return to running then I will definitely try and mix and match more.

    In addition, I weighed myself last night for the first time in almost a year - tipping the scales at a less-than-portly 70kgs exactly or about 8kgs than when I returned to running earlier this year - yippee.

    Can't guarantee that I'll be the same weight come 1 January - burp, hic!
  • Hi all,

    Congrats on your weight loss Martin, hang on in there with the cross training, glad you're seeing some positives from it.

    What: nothing.
    Why: feel like I ran a marathon yesterday. Serves me right for doing long run with a cold.
    Last hard: yesterday!
    Last rest: Mon
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Martin, have you tried doing any weights, in particular leg extensions? I find that this exercise really helps to strengthen the muscles and ligaments around the knee.
  • hangover category six then four today

    probably best not to train in case i spontaneously combust....

    then again
  • bravo, stickless, inspiring stuff as ever.

    good luck with the knee, Martin, hope it comes right soon - and you too, sfh legs (thought you were changing your name?)

    what: 11miles including 9miles @ target marathon pace (av. 6:17)
    why: weekly ritual, need to start increasing the distance, but pretty knackered right now - looks like I'm not the only one who's been overdoing it, though, not mentioning any names, Laura ;-)
    last rest: yesterday
    last hard day: Monday
  • Went for a 2 mile run around Billinghay Fen this evening and saw someone running in the opposite direction in shorts. They must have been a bit cold, because I was just about alright in my tracksters.
  • My actual session today was very short but very difficult - maximal upper-body fitness assessment as I do at work. Max number of press-ups in two minutes; sit-ups in two minutes; tricep dips in two minutes (that one's my own addition) and as many 'overarm' (the hard sort) chin-ups as I could manage without falling off the bar.

    Now I ache rather a lot, but it's worth it - I'm well on target for my important assessment in Feb. :)
  • Hope your injury isn't too serious Martin and that surgery won't be required. Keep up the cross training!

    This is another awful week for running, what with the pre Xmas activities.

    What: 10 miles @ tired pace! due to another very busy day to add to the last 6 days. It was also very, very cold. The wind was icy and just made me feel miserable tonight! As much as I love Christmas, I can't wait to get back to normal training.

    OK I'll stop moaning now-It's great to run, enjoying the fresh icy air. I would certainly moan if I couldn't do it, so I'll shut up and be positive!

    Roll on tomorrow-rest day.

    Last hard: Saturday
    Last rest: Friday.
  • Wolfy, -5% sounds cold!

    AM: 5M recovery run
    PM: 12M midweek long run. I got most of this run done in the daylight as I finished work early. This meant I could get out into the countryside which I miss during the dark winter months.
    Last hard: Yesterday
    Last Rest: Fri
  • What: 4 x 1 mile with 400m recovery, each in 6.40 minutes.
    Why: Because no one else turned up at the track and I wanted to do something that would keep me warm:-).
    Last rest: yesterday.
    Last hard: monday.
  • Laboured round my recovery run for a few seconds under half an hour. Temperature must have been about -1 at most - glad to get that out of the way.
    Hilly I have no such reservations in regard to moaning about running in weather like this. Hope the forecast of more much milder weather for the weekend turns out to be accurate.
  • What: Nothing
    Why: Absolutely, inexplicably exhausted! Frantic rush at lunchtime to finish, then post Xmas cards. tonight, I'm working again, so really, no time (I'm always telling people to make time - but today...)

    Well done to everyone who gets out and runs at this time of the year!
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