Knee Arthroscopy

Just had confirmation of a tear to the medial meniscus in my knee and been told that solution is arthroscopy.

However a friend if mine is under the knife as I type having his 3rd knee op as the first 2 failed and hasn't run for nigh on 2 years which is making me rather wary of undergoing it myself

Also it is not so bad that I can't manage it within my training most of the time and in fact managed to complete a marathon on it a couple of weeks ago

What is anybody's feelings on this?

Should I have the op or continue as I am as it isn't affecting me badly at the moment?



  • Reasons not to have the surgery
    - you can cope right now
    - you have the same surgeon as the guy with 2 failed ops (depending on reason for failure!)

    Reasons to have the surgery:
    - you could make the meniscus worse and end up with more extensive surgery
    - your knee is probably 'giving way' right now from time to time....if you fall as a result you run a high risk of twisting the ligaments....ACL/MCL are not areas of fun!
    - it's is not always as bad as your friend's experience (I have had 2 surgeries...right knee 14 years ago, left knee 1 year ago)

    I didn't run at the time of surgery 1...but was back cycling after 3 weeks.

    After surgery 2, was back running after 8 weeks...return was delayed while we sorted out the ITB problem that was hiding behind the knee pain. But I'm a plodder, not a marathoner

    In both cases, was walking after 3 days.

    Good physio afterwards is really is finding out *why* the meniscus tore to try and prevent further problems (unless it's a case of weird which case bah humbug and do what you like!)

    Let me know if you have more questions that you think I may have answers to....but I won't be around till Thursday now
  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭
    How is it affecting you? I'd be tempted to give it 6 months and see how it is.
  • Thanks guys - btw although I did a marathon I'm very much a plodder speed wise!

    At the moment it comes and goes, clicks and clunks most of the time sometimes with an excrutiating stabbing pain but often with nothing at all. I think it hurts when a lose bit gets caught in the joint.

    I must admit I'm tempted to leave it for a while, especially as I'm not planning another marathon this year (well apart from Beachy Head but we do that as run / walk day out with loads of food at the checkpoints so it's not too stressful). I don't intend to do more than half marathons maximum otherwise and I don't race very often at all..
  • I have the exact same diagnosis-partial tear of the medial ligament which is apparently cause by mal-tracking kneecap. I am having an arthroscopy to perform a lateral release in a couple of weeks and am also worried that it could make things worse. I do think that it is worth having sooner rather than later though to stop any further damage to the knee occurring-i dont want to be out for any longer than absolutley necessary!
  • Guys, I had it done six ago to repair years of damage caused by kickboxing. I now regularly run in marathons and 1/2s and have never felt better. Bottom line is if your doc is reccommending that you have it done then bite the bullet, they are the experts after all (Besides its a good excuse to get sympathy of your better half)
  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭
    It does sound quite bad if you are getting sharp pain and it is clunking most of the time. I think if it is that bad then I probably do agree with getting it done sooner.
  • Ooh - I hate decisions

    I have a crisis when choosing white wine or red!

    Should see my doc next week so will discuss it with him in detail and also a couple of physio contacts and then try to make a decision based on all the info weighted up carefully...
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