Did you have a Pee ?

Got back to work today & virtually everybody asked the same question.
Queen Paula has really started something now.


  • Everyone's been asking if I 'did a Paula', sometimes even before they ask what my time was.
  • PipesPipes ✭✭✭
    Me too, Baz. I'm a teacher and I really don't feel too comfortable about my young students asking me about my bowel movements!!!

    Some have looked at me with utmost respect when I say I didn't stop, and I even had the comment, "You must be better than Paula, then."...I wish!!!!!!!
  • I wanted to go before the gun - but put it off - and didn't realise I hadn't gone til I got to my charity's post race reception -

    then it was like opening the flood gates -

    isn't the human body amazing - wonder if I would have got a better time if I hadn't carried it for 26 miles?

    I'll never know
  • I went a couple of times before the start but after that I didnt need to paula till I got back to my friends house after the race.

  • You could be right - maybe you're like a formula one car - they can't lap as fast with full tanks of petrol
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