Very Painful Calves

Yesterday I did a 2.2 mile run at quite an steady pace I did not stretch as I was only running for 20 mins I then did an aerobics class today my calves are aching Ive had shin splints before and these feel exact same except its the back of my leg this is not the first time this has happened my trainers are fine is it because I never stretched and is there a name for this injury.
Thanks In Advance


  • I wouldn't say this was an injury - your calf muscles are just tight. I have to stretch before any distance or i get this problem myself. 5 minutes stretching is no problem compared to aching all the next day!

    Another point - do you normally exercise two days in a row? If not, maybe that's the problem?
  • Hi Karen

    I had a similar problem yesterday, I ran 14 miles on Sunday calfs felt so tight, yesterday evening went for run after 2 miles had to stop and stretch out due to pain once the muscles had warmed up, last 4 miles were, ok legs feel great today.
  • When I had this a year ago it really got me down as no amount of stretching affected it. I then reinvestigated my running trainers, and whilst I had some good all purpose adidas galaxy, I got Nike Air Span Tri max, suitable for my foot-treading style, and the combination of this, but more importantly that the old pair's support had probably broken down since I'd clocked a fair few (maybe 500 miles) since the last pair, and that sorted it our immediately.

    My tip is get the right shoes, and have a word with the sweatshop first as they have a foot monitor in most shops that tels you where all the pressure goes down on what are the best shoes for your feet.
  • Take care - I repeatedly ran with tight calf muscles early this year - and it did me in - although most training runs were okay once I'd got going the damage was long lasting, and I failed to run London - (and for many months afterwards) as a result.

    Most running injury sites/books don't deal with pain at the back of the leg - you might want to look up posterior compartment syndrome to see if it matches.

    New shoes, warming up, lots of general stretching and running fewer miles faster seems to be working for me.
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