City of London Runners?

Walking through the City yesterday evening along Cannon Street towards St Paul’s Cathedral I was passed by a group of 20 or so runners – I’m interested to know which club they were from. Does any one know if there is there a running club in the City?


  • Don't know of a running club in the city - as it was a Tuesday could have been the running group from Nike Town at Oxford Circus.

    If you do find a running club in the City I'd be interested.
  • It was probably Serpies! Have a look at (sorry, I can't do links) - that will give you details of runs, how to join, and anything else you could possibly want tom know! As far as I know, it's the only running club based in central London.
  • Graham,

    MG is right, it is probably us from Serpentine. We have a group running from Edgware Road to tower bridge and back every Wednesday. You can check the webpage she mentioned for more details.
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