• Like I said Womble, any local 10k could sort this out within 24 hours. So where have the rest of the t-shirts gone? To their staff to flog them on ebay?
  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    You could have a nice green t-shirt from my 10k, BR. I know it won't help that much with the FLM one....
  • Got the huge finishers T-shirt, but missed all the official merchandise at the expo. If anyone wants to sell an unwanted T-shirt, long-sleave or fleece in size medium (the black ones witht he logo) i'd be interested!
  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    If you're in London you can pop along to the LM shop (forgotten where it is but quite central) or go online, they have a mail order department now.
  • Forget the t=shirt, i'd rather have had an extra bag of sweeties rather than those oatcack things. mine were smashed to bits. also my apple was sour and hadn't even been washed (moan moan)and don't get me started on the pepperami thing. Pure fat or what?
  • Excuse my stupidity, but I hadnt realised last Sunday was about getting a snuggly fitted t-shirt. If I had,I would have spent the day at Meadowhall or another shopping centre.
  • It's only a cheap & cheerful t - shirt for christ sakes & not some bloody Hugo Boss number.
    If anyone is that unhappy with theirs can I make a suggestion Take it down to your local tsuanmi appeal or Charity shop at let some poor bugger in a 3rd world country warm is cold back with it!I am sure he won't complain that it's a XL.
  • I take it all back about the organisation. I rang and left a message on an answerphone Weds. T-shirt arrived today.

    BRT, I agree about people complaining about shirts. You'd never get a ManU fan doing that would you...?
  • Not unless it was a nike shirt barnsley;)
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