Running shoes - HELP!!!!

Hi fellow runners!!

Could anyone out there give me a few clues as to which running shoes have motion control and aren't too wide - i.e. most asics shoes. Are you an over pronator and have been pleased with your last pair of shoes?

Running is become hell for me at the moment. My New Balance 763's give me horrible blisters on both small toes and my Asics 1070 give me no support. In fact, my physio gave me some Orthotics to put inside them and I wore them on a 14 mile run this was absolute torture!!! I'm training towards the Windsor 1/2 Marathon and have done 45 miles over the last week, but running has become a hurts too much, and thats because of running shoes.



  • Come on someone, help. Don't just ignore it!!
  • I am an over-pronator with very narrow feet (both width wise and depth wise) and have found the Asics 2070s to be great - I use orthotics in them. Haven't found any NBs to be any good and dispute that they are even narrow!

    Happy running!
  • YG,

    I think you would be better to take yourself off to a 'real' running shop and try out as few pairs. Everyone's feet and gait are different and we end up finding (eventually) what suits us. I overpronate and have so far found ASICS 2060 and Saucony Grid Omni to be just fine. The saucony might be a bit wide for you though.

    All the best,

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    I changed from Asics 2060 to Nike Air Structure Triax and, after some initial blistering on the arches, have found them excellent. I also have had good experiences with Saucony, although I think their womens models are a fair bit narrower than the mens.

    I am surprised your physio didn't advise breaking in your orthotics - when I got mine, my Chiropractor advised runs of 2 miles maximum for the first 2 weeks, building up gradually from there, to allow my feet & legs time to get used to their new position. This could explain your discomfort on your 14 miler! Also, did he know what shoes you were going to put them in - 1070s are stability shoes, and putting more stability in in the form of orthos may have overdone it. Check with him in case he assumed you ran in neutral shoes.

    Good luck.
  • I have quite narrow feet as well (+over-pronate a bit) and have found that Mizuno's fit very nicely so whilst you are trialling various shoes, be sure to give their stability/motion control ones a go.

    Like Nessie, my previous Nike's also fitted well (also Air Structure Triax) and got me through the marathon with no discomfort.

    Like the others say it's all personal so find a shop with a treadmill that really lets you try them out properly. (Get warmed up a bit before you go in though).

  • Sorry I was reading the original meesage very early this morning and missed the bit about running 14 miles in new orthotics - madness! I broke mine in over about 2 months, wearing them to work and walking around at first and then gradually introducing them running over a 6 weeks or so, I've only used them for long runs recently, so that'll be about 6 months of breaking in. As the guys say a trip to a proper running shop for a bit of advice is in order I think.

  • 2 things I'm going to pick people up on here. Firstly I've visited 2 specialist running shops in the area, that hasn't got me very far and secondly, yes he did tell me to break them in. However, with only 6 weeks until the Windsor HM I am looking to push on in terms of mileage. Running very low mileage for even 2 weeks was and is out of the question. I did run 2 miles for my first run wearing those orthotics though!!

    They feel horribly uncomfortable anyway, so I'll almost certainly ditch them.

    I'd also like to point out that my physio did see my running shoes (1070's) because I took them in with me. He was incredibly surprised at the lack of support.

    I tried on some 2070's and they seemed too wide. In terms of support, my New Balance 714's and 762's have been good.........but they've always caused blistering.

    Some food for thought anyway, thanks!
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