Knee recovery time...

Hi - not sure whether to put on injury forum or FLM but as it is a result of FLM i thought maybe other runners were feeling the same.
My knees are still very sore. Monday was, understandably, a washout and i seriously could not walk very far but since then legs have slowly been getting back to normal except for the old knees. They are fine to start with but any distance over 300m and they start to seize up ( and i am talking about just walking here by the way) The only way to get no pain is by locking them out straight.
At about mile 23 on Sunday my left leg seemed to lock completely and its sort of like a lesser version of this but in both knees now!
It feels like there ares springs under my kneecaps pulling my knee staright and getting sorer and sorer if i dont. The pain is not a sharp shooting pain but more of a dull ache right under my kneecaps.
Is anyone else experienceing this???

It was my first FLM and i loved it and dont mind the pain of recovery but am concerned it may never go!!!!!


  • The first marathon is always the worst, the tenth isnt exactly a walk in the park, but it gets easier.
    Both my knees feel like they are recovering from an old bruise, it does go, no long term damage has been done. Take it easy for a while, not that you have an option at the moment.
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