Daft injury

This morning, putting on my sports bra, I managed to whack my left elbow against the nearby doorpost. Oh my fluffy elbow I shouted (or something like that). After a few minutes managed to forget about it. However, an hour or so later in the gym, realised I couldn't possibly do any exercise that involved holding a weight and bending my elbow. Also can't prop my head up at my desk because can't lean on my elbow.

Hopefully it won't affect my running, but now I know how dangerous sports bras really can be.


  • I once managed to cut my lip open on a drip tray, it was a large heavy duty drip tray and I was trying to put it on top of an army lorry. I had my foot on the wheel hub and was balancing the tray vertically on my knee, I was trying to work out how to get it up with minimum fuss and decided that if I gave it a good push up then the wind would catch it and it would land on the cab.
    It didnt and I caught it with my mouth. On the plus side I did meet several interesting people in Norwich casualty that Friday night including a bloke who said he was in the paras and a women who was looking for something she'd lost but couldnt remember what ;)
  • I have great problems with domestic appliances.

    Vacuum cleaning - I decided to move the cylinder Hoover to the other side of the room by just giving a yank on the hose, so it would fly through the air past me. Unfortunately it collided with my kneee on the way. The consequent physiotherapy, MRI scans, trips to podiatrists etc cost me most of a year of training and a lot more money than re-carpeting the house would have done.

    I recovered in time for the 2001 FLM. Three days before, the washing machine jammed with all my race kit in it. While pulling the machine out to drain it, I pulled the muscles in my back.
  • In the run up to a half marathon I was hoping to do in March this year, I fell down the stairs.

    Not content with a sensible injury, I managed to get a vertical bannister rail jammed between two of my toes, ripping them apart and necessitating 6 stitches from the bottom of my foot, between my toes and all way onto the top of my foot.

    Quote from the A&E doctor "that's a bit unusual isn't it?"

    (apologies for degree of goriness there. it was ridiculous.)
  • I once tripped over one of my boots... and wrecked my right ankle for life. Couldn't play any more footie after that (was on county team, as well as school team), such a shame. My dad thought that I had deliberately done it in order to wreck my footie 'career' on purpose - yeah right! Anyway, coming from a medical family, I never had it properly seen to, so I don't think it's ever properly fixed itself.
  • I fell down the stairs about 3 months ago after slipping on silky saucy nighty. Managed to dislocate my shoulder.
    While sitting at the bottom trying not to cry, my husband came up and said " I told you that would happen if you leave washing on the stairs". Have since ditched nighty for sensible PJ's.
  • Not a running injury but a warning - In the summer, when it comes, either drive with your window up or down. Never half way! In a rush I have thrust my head out of the window before reversing my van and bust my front tooth - TWICE!!!!!!
    Yeh - ha ha!

    As regards the elbow. It gets better but - sorry to say - you will knock it and bump it and the slightest tap, usually on the door post, will drive you nuts!
  • I was running along with a group of running club mates - I turned around to talk to one of them, and just as I turned back forward I caught my eye/side of my head on the corner of an Estate Agent's board, causing a great big gouge and lots of blood!
  • Oooh, comedy accidents, I'm good these. For example: Walking home once, I was trying so hard to hear the gossipy conversation of the lads behind me that I walked into a lampost, knocking myself out. Then there's the time I sprained my ankle coming out of an off-licence. I got a nasty (thankfully not scarring) burn across my foreheard making a stress-relieving banoffee pie the night before my Finals. Last summer, I did my wrist in weeding the gardens. And this summer, I was limping for a few days after landing badly when leapfrogging a parking meter.
  • I was once mountaineering in Turkey and had just got off the top of a scree slope ready to start some proper climbing when my companion and I were attacked by a swarm of bees. Rather than being sensible, I immediately set off running and the next thing I knew was I was tumbling downwards very quickly.

    When I came to rest, I was lying on the ground covered in cuts, my trousers and top were badly torn and quite blood spattered and to top it all I noticed that I'd landed about 4 feet away from a 6 foot long Viper. Fortunately the snake just slithered off.

    I lost the bees though !

    Amazingly, considering I'd fallen about 100 feet, I wasn't badly injured but I was left with torn ligaments in my wrist and ankle which meant I couldn't run for about 2 years after.
  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    Isn't it great laughing at and sharing our misfortunes? My elbow isn't quite so painful now but yes it still bl**dy hurts when I forget and lean on my desk.
  • Tom B.

    That has to be a made up story.
    It is just too humorous to be anything else.

  • Perfectly true, and learn from my mistake - don't run away from bees when half way up a mountain.
  • broke left hand, when slipped on wet leaves, and tried to save kebab......p*ssed

    fell of mountain bike and cut under chin - stitched it myself in mirror .....p*ssed

    numerous other scars from lacerations and abrasions aquired when....p*ssed
  • Dislocated shoulder getting up off a bean bag! Ouch

    Previously popped it out after trying to impress the ladies half way up a mountain in Canada snowboarding,second day of holiday doh!
  • Buggered my right ankle last February sliding down a ski run in Italy on a tray on my bum. Still suffering now.

    Mate of mine a few years ago decided he was going ski down Helvellyn towards Red Tarn. He put a couple of nice turns in then lost it and cartwheeled head-feet-head-feet somewhere in the region of 500 feet down towards the Tarn. He suffered a slightly sprained ankle. His only concern was that on of his skis got stuck up the mountain, so he climbed up to get it.
  • Was getting ready to go out - got out of shower and was dancing round to music and felt something tear in my hip- didnt think anything of it as it was painful - just sounded odd!

    it got a bit sore later - and eventually hurt enough for me to mention to the physio who was sorting out my back - she couldnt find anyhing but it left me with hip and groin problems for ages!
    moral of the story - dont dance around naked!
  • broke my ankle running down stairs cos was missing the start of Question of Sport (that week featuring a certain Mr Ginola....)
  • Until I badly sprained my ankle falling off a pavement last spring, my most serious running injury was severe chafing to the inside of my upper arms from my boobs! (n.b. I'm a woman ;-). In an effort to minimise this I asked members of a US running forum I was on for tips. A product called Bodyglide (now available in the UK I think) was recommended. In my efforts to find a UK retailer on the web (by searching for "bodyglide") I came across some very "interesting" websites ;-D
  • I looked for British Heart Foundation, and thinking I was clever and net-savvy like, went straight to bhf.org without using search-engine and got a bit of a fright

    should have been bhf.org.uk
  • Ah yes! Thanks SpaceMonkey - not what I expected really LOL!

    I once forgot to take a set of handouts to a lesson and sprinted back to the office to fetch them. This involved going down two flights of stairs, and I turned my ankle over. I had to wheel myself around in a chair for the next week. Odd thing was it was the night of the England Germany game in Euro 96, and my class thought I was just putting it on so that I could watch the footy, as I missed half an hour of the lesson!
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