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  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    15327...I bought mine coz I liked Big Ben!
  • Dosnt look good. It should carry a health warning.


    Just for your info, in the last photo i was looking for somewhere to throw up
  • Only one good un so far

  • 42570 Hoping for a better one!

    Hey Austin, nice threads! Saw you in same pen at start. Didnt realise you were running for NKRF, so were me n my mate! Whats your connection with renal?
  • Cheers did'nt know these photos were on.
    39220 x
  • 33656 is me, my brother said it looks like I'm recreating the amarillo video in pic 3!!
  • ahhhhhh
  • 5712. Manage to look completely shagged in just about all of them.
  • Well, the good news is that they’ve now got a picture of me smiling on the site. The bad news though is that it looks worse than the other one! This is possibly because I’m scoffing a large piece of Mars bar at the time...

    sigh – unphotogenic ginger kitten
    18450 :-)
  • I think you look mighty good.
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭
    graham, my friend is Sue! 21220
    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • Bloody brilliant I'd say - in fact we all do - it's great putting faces to names - keep them coming!

  • Wabo - hello to Sue!
  • nice one, neil
  • 51840

    One is ok but rather dominated by the bloke in the background. The other one was when I had to walk for a bit in the last couple of miles and seem to be really scowling about it!
  • 44736

    Delia and I share ours as we did the whole thing together
  • Sproog - looking good, both of you!
  • 25163

    Not entirely sure what I'm doing in the first one.
  • 26348 can't really complain about any of them
  • 2340 thats me with the cheeky girls,I think I pulled,Ill get me coat.
  • Ahhh,nice one
    Still waiting for m y finishing pis, thats the only 1 i really want. The others look crap.
  • I must be very fortunate as i have 5 pics already up there.


    doubt their will be anymore - not sure which ones to get
  • Danno - I laughed when I saw your last 2 pictures. The first one looks like you are walking. The second you look like you have thought "shit dont want to get caught on camera walking"
  • I was running in the first one, trotting in the 2nd, and yep youre right about my thoughts. LOL
  • 7072

    Missed my PB by 1 second hence my dejected demeanour on crossing the finish line (was probably swearing at that point as well - apologies to anyone who heard me)

    Although I had cheered up a bit by the time I had my medal photo taken.
  • 43736

    3rd one is the worst - calf cramps kicking in. The lady behind looks happpier than me!!
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