Echinacea ....pah



  • Eamonn, I agree, there has been a move towards prescribing less antibiotics. They were grossly over prescribed in the first place and were seen as the great messiah to against ills. Now we have MRSA awaiting another silver bullet.

    I do feel for docs though. They used to be the fount of all knowledge and the doc was number one. We all have access to a depth of information now which puts an impossible pressure on docs to be up to speed on everything under the sun. It is easily possible for the patient to enter the surgery with more specific information about the presenting problem than the doc.

    Sorry if two versions of this message appaer. I pressed submit and it vanished!

  • Oh and regarding Vit C, Heart attacks, cholesterol etc. Our GP is seriously looking into the whole thing and so he is someone who is unafraid to have his views challenged and maybe changed. Oh for more like him.
  • You know, I love you lot! You're never boring. However........ for a change I have to disagree with V-rap (ducks nervously). I used to get a cold EVERY month. Since taking echinacea at the first sign of anyone sniffling anywhere near me, I just don't get them. Don't care if it is the placebo effect - I still avoid the colds.
  • Dr Eamonn,

    I'm a journalist and I know some really good ones. I also know some crap ones. It's the same withh doctors I'm afraid. My own GP is brilliant I also know a GP socially who is a very sound man who knows his stuff. Both of them accept that some GPs hand out anti-biotics like confetti and that there are some GPs who are targeted by the skivers. Word gets round who the soft touch doctors are.
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