Very painful ankle

I have been training for my first 10k (stubbington green 12/1) and I went for a fab run on Sunday, 8K. Didn't fall or twist - just had a lovely time in the mud and drizzle.
But later that evening I developed a bad pain in my right ankle/foot. It is sore just under the outside knobbly bit that sticks out. Now I am limping and have it all strapped up with tubbygrip.
But nothing seems to help it.
I have tried rest, I have tried massage, I have tried ralgex.

I need to be training!!! should I give up the idea of running in Jan?
What can i do? has anyone else had this problem? why would it develop 8 hours after my run?



  • Soupy,

    Am just developing the same problem, sore in the place you describe in the morning and now after runs. Ok to run on ... but I suspect that is not doing it much good, so will rest it over Christmas.

    Any thoughts on a cure welcome !
  • Could be that your ankle(s) had to work extra hard because of the uncertain footing.

    Best of luck with it anyway Soup.
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