G3 Guildford 10km June

3rd running of this race and first two were great.
One tip though - start hill training NOW because the hills are monsters!!


  • thanks for your support HMJ! this route will be differnt, but using a lot of the same land. same start / finish. Volunteers: If you know anyone who might be able to marshal on the day please ask them to contact me on 01483 720 459. Many thanks toby. www.allabouttriathlons.co.uk
  • Just thinking about doing this as it is on my doorstep but i don't want to be way out the back - what were the range of times in Feb? I can run a flat 10k in 55 mins but don't do that much hilly stuff or x-c.
  • There is a massive range of runners and times i think ranged from 40/45 ish to up to an hour and half (see website for full results). The winners times reflect the hardness of the race (expect to add on 10/15 mins to usual time) but as that happens everybody then you will be no further towards the back (or front) of the field than usual- if you know what i mean.
    I had never done xc before but its just so much more rewarding - and because of the uneven terrin and lack of steady pace ( expect to walk - nearly everyone does at some point) then in a way its less pressure as people walk at different stages etc. Not like in road running where you tend to get stuck at same pace and then feel pressure to keep up / over take etc.
    I would say give it a go - with a 55 regular 10k time you will definetly not be last and i reckon you will enjoy it a whole lots more than you would expect.
  • Thanks HmJ very encouraging! have you thought of taking up motivational speaking..?! I will run up a couple of hills this evening and get my entry in!!
  • Yes hill training very much advised! But more important is to accept that on some hills you will walk - i had NEVER walked before or indeed ever seen anyone else walk in a race before ( i run a reasonable 10k and half time therfore walking not ususally an option!) But when i tried to keep running on some of the hills it was like running on the spot, I had not the strength to push forward and run at same time! However i soon realise I was not alone and then it all becomes so much easier.

    Additionally i like the fact this race is on a saturday - it really sets you up for the weekend and also means you can have a few beers in the evening to celebrate....
  • Gonna use this as a last ditch training run for the Mont Blanc XC the following weekend...if I can't handle the Surrey hills then I'm definitely in trouble when I get to Chamonix!!!
  • OOh Mont Blanc that sounds exciting... Still I prefer to ski down the mountains than run up them!
    Reckon I will be doing this though- the hills aren't as bad as I imagined, or maybe i am a bit fitter than i thought.
  • I'm in - sent off application on wednesday. Looking forward to this as it's v. local... might even get out and pre-run the course to see what sort of time is realistic.
  • as usualt the course will be testing, exciting and involve a little bit of walking. But rest assured it should run like clockwork and i hope to get a 97% satisfaction rating again. see you all in June. A first round of entries have been posted on the website under document download. www.allabouttriathlons.co.uk toby
  • Oh, poo, on my doorstep, best chips in Surrey, hot Bovril and I'm racing the week before on Sunday. I know from experience I can't do 2 in less than a week.

    C U next year though.
  • Had to blow out my race today Sun 12th. Can I still get into the G3 and can I enter on the day Toby? Please
  • Der, just read no entry on day.
  • It's not too late to enter though, am about to do mine now... looking forward to it!! though i may be walking a significant amount of it as my hamstring as been a little temperamental recently
  • Having printed off the form, seriously, as a 1 hour flat 10Ker, am I out of my league with this? I don't care about coming last but not TOO last.

  • Who cares, how hard can it be? I'm in.
  • 2 of my friends are doing this for first time on Saturday, one of them has a flat 10k time of just over an hour and the other has never even done a full 10k before. I think everyone will be just fine!
  • rest assured, the race has a friendly atmosphere and the average age is slightly higher. Times are between 45mins and 1.30mins - so there's plently of jogging. Remember: no entries on the day. collect race numbers at registration on the day and be warned,- it maybe hot. many thanks toby
  • Well I did this one and it was great! Although very tough in places. That path up the back of St Martha's hill seemed to go on for ever, I'm not sure how anyone could contemplate running up it! But all in all a fun race with lots of friendly people and great marshalls (thanks guys) Hopefully the next flat 10k will seem like a doddle!!
  • Jeez that was hard. I thought I was reasonably fit but the guys and gals today were sensational.

    To put it into perspective, I burned the same calories for this as my last half marathon, and it's "only" 10K.

    I will be back in January.

    The St Marthas hill path was mean, Clint Eastwood spittin' in the spittoon mean.


    Water at the drinks station rather than or as well as the dentists mouthwash energy drink would have been nice.

    Thanks to Toby and Rory for organisation.
  • Great Race, great support from Marshals and other competitors but the difficulty rate for that race has gone through the roof! Much harder than previous ones.
    Heat was an added factor - but still enjoyed it and felt fab afterwards!
    The challenging nature of these races seems to be getting around to the more professional runners as the overall ability of those taking part seemed higher - there are some seriously fit people out there!
  • Great race - those hill climbs were savage! You know you've had a challenging run when you can really feel it in your G. Maximus the next day.

    Well organised and great support from the marshalls - always impressive when results hit the web the next day.

    I'll be back for more in January.
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