Slipping HRM strap

CeridwenCeridwen ✭✭✭
I have a Cardiosport Go 30 HRM. I find that no matter how tight I have the strap, once I get sweaty, the belt starts slipping and contact is lost. This is highly frustrating as (a) I have to keep trying to hitch it up under my bra as I run, which makes me look a berk, and (b) it ruins any attempts at trying to keep sensible records.

Does anyone have any hints on how to solve this problem? Is there a previous thread you could point me to? I've tried searching the forums, but not managed to find anything.


  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    I believe that some manufacturers do bras with built-in sleeves for hrm belts.

    Not that I lurk on bra threads, you understand.
  • I've never had this problem cause my sports bras are tight enough and have substantial enough band that holds the HRM strap in place. Are you wearing a sports bra or a regular one? Might make a difference.

    Muttley's right, there is a sports bra with HRM sleeve, think it is by Triumph (try
  • CeridwenCeridwen ✭✭✭
    I'm wearing a sports bra I picked up for £5 in ASDA, which has the same shape as a normal bra. In all other respects it is brilliant and gives the support I need. Should I however be looking at another shape of bra?
  • Never had a problem with mine in almost 20 years. Maybe you just need the belt tighter - either stitch it to take a length out, or the more basic - tie a big knot in it ?
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    You're talking about the hrm strap there, I presume Cougie?
  • I have this problem, but given that I don't tend to wear a bra, I'll have to take cougie's suggestion (not tying a knot in it, though!).
  • Hi I have seen the sports bras with built in straps at tchibo think there dead cheap
    I am not sure how GOOD they are but if your not a larger lady might be worth a try?
  • CeridwenCeridwen ✭✭✭
    Brilliant!!! Thanks, scrummy. The only have 34, 36, 38 in B or C cup, but fortunately that includes my current size (thank you Slimming World!).

    Only trouble is, I ended up ordering a heap of other stuff too, heh heh!
  • sports bras for 'high impact' sport usually have a wider elastic under the bust (bit like a crop top does) than a regular bra.....think it's to help reduce bounce....but very handy for the HRM strap!
  • I'm not a bra wearer, but I did have this problem with my HRM chest strap slipping down and ending up round my waist.

    I invented a piece of string that went round the HRM strap and round my neck. This was so fiendishly uncomfortable that in the end I stopped wearing the HRM. It now sits in a drawer, unloved. I suppose I could get a piercing and have a hook I can latch it on to.

    By the way, long time no see, Tehuti, and please drop in to the Mature thread and say Hi some time. Glad you're still running.
  • Well done tehuti on weight loss!! how did you find slimming world??
    I have been doing weight watchers and got to goal last week after shifting over 3 stone! but I have found that a smaller bust is most welcome no more back ache why do ladies want breast enlargements soooo big??? I can understand for a bigger cup but not for a bucket!!
  • Slimming World definitely gave me a smaller bust.

    (no, really - I lost five stone)
  • CeridwenCeridwen ✭✭✭
    Slimming World has worked brilliantly so far. I started one year ago and have lost 3 stone 9 lbs. However, I have been on a plateau for the last month, with 10 lbs still to lose. I comfort myself that some of that must be new muscle being laid down, because even without losing weight I have lost another inch of my waist.

    At the age of 51, I now weigh less than 20-yr-old younger daughter who is 3 inches shorter than me <she said smugly>
  • 51 lb in 51 weeks at age 51?

    Grounds for smugness!
  • CeridwenCeridwen ✭✭✭
    Hey, MF, I never thought of that!!! :)))
  • Thats stonking well done hat off to you
    I am feeling smug about my 3 stone!
    I must admit the last 7 lbs was the hardest to shift but since getting to goal managed to lose another 2 1/2lbs! I am looking forward to losing a little more so I have a bit to play with if I have a week or two holiday! Its so nice to walk past Evans and think I cant shop there any more!!
  • OOh and SVT great loss 5 stone well done! Have you found that running has helped you at all??
    I have the most awful tummy still I have had 6 ops the last one was my hysterectomy which I had a very nasty bleed after and had real problems and my muscles never went back as they where badly damaged, I was hoping they would do some corrective surgery but naah they didnt errr mores the pitty so I still have to carry my belly in my handbag!
  • Back to the strap slipping problem, I've found it happens in stages.

    Completely dry up to 1 mile except for the electrodes - stays on ok
    Warming up (1-2 miles in), bit of sweat - starts to slip
    Warmed up/sweaty - stays on fine again

    Solution seems to be to get the whole thing completely wet under the tap and then put it on. All seems a bit illogical really.

    Why doesn't someone make mini-braces for them?! Or use the non-slip rubbery stuff the gf's stockings have?
  • scrummy - funnily enough I wouldn't say that running really helped me lose weight. I'd lost 2.5 stone before I started and then carried on losing weight at a similar rate.

    And I've also found that running doesn't enable me to just eat like I used to - I put on weight if I eat junk but run lots.

    Rather than running to lose weight, my motivation is now the other way round. I looked back at last year's running log and my best race performances coincided with my highest training mileage and my lowest weight. So now I lose weight to run faster.
  • Superglue works quite well to keep the HRM strap from moving. Make sure you remove any grease from your skin using alcohol first, then a liberal dollop of glue at each end of the plastic part of the HRM strap keeps it in place for days.

  • I can confirm that the above method works very well. I have had my strap in place for several years now and it has never moved.
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