Sub 3:00 FLM 2006

asn is now nichs2

training starts this week i hope!...i need to move on from the sub 3:00 flm 2005 thread

target 1....improve 10k time


  • Count me in for a sub-3 in '06, knees allowing:)
  • nichs2nichs2 ✭✭✭

    i realise the thread is very early for next year, but mentally i need to up the ante if i am to break 3 hours..

    i normally treat my running "year" from september to may...but i have had an injury free year so i aim to maintain some intensity and running trgets throughout the summer
  • After 6 London attempts at sub-3, I still believe I can do it, and will be having another go next April.
    For now will cut down the mileage to about 20-30 a week, and do some races (3 x 5ks in May to start with).
    Aiming at my pb of 17:44.
  • I've finally joined a running club, hoping to meet up with their 2hr 33 & 2hr 40 runners for long steady runs (probably more like 20 mile races for me!)

    I'm aiming to keep up a 10 mile steady, a brisk 5 miler and a tough speed session during the week then 16 - 20 every weekend. Will keep up swimming on my running rest days, dropping the distance to 25km pw but increasing the intensity.

    I've given up on hopes of swimming in the Commonwealths 2006 and am considering a Paul Scholes / Alan Shearer (retiring from international competition) - perhaps even all competitive swimming, at least until I turn 25 and qualify for masters.
  • JEJ
    Sounds good to me.
    You will definitely benefit from joining a Club, training with and gaining advice from other runners will improve your running.
    In your step up, remember to take care to recover properly between hard sessions, and not get carried away with, what will probably be a relatively sharp improvement curve.
    Otherwise injuries are likely.

  • nichs2nichs2 ✭✭✭

    i've done six londons on the trot...3h22, 3h14, 3h12, 3h17, 3h8, 3h3...the big improvement has been because of zero injuries and increased milage...

  • nichs2,
    I agree totally with you.
    It sounds very simple but after listening to how others trained and analysing my own training, the main thing I intend doing differently for next marathon is running quicker.
    Long runs - ran at 8-8:30 min/miles,
    need to run 8-7:30 instead ie. starting slow and getting quicker towards the end.
    More mar paced runs, at 6:45 min/miles.
    More races 10k to half marathon.

  • nichs2nichs2 ✭✭✭

    i'm aiming to work on a 3 week cycle of training up to november and then follow the 24 week pfitziger schedule (70mpw)

    over three week i will include the speedwork and strength work missing in the build up to london this year

    5x800 (85 second laps)...12xhill...3x2mile (95 second laps)...5k time 16/17 mile general aerobic work

  • N2,
    I've looked at the pfitziger schedule and have decided to follow the 18 week schedule.
    I will build up to 40 mpw with long run about 15/17.
    The sessions you mention are all familiar with me except for the 3x2mile, the longest interval I have worked on so far is 4x1mile at sub-6s. May add this to the plan for back end of the year.
  • Crikey - very keen bunch aren't we ?

    Coming off a 3:05 at FLM2005 I am also madly keen break the 3hr barrier either in Autumn (Cardiff ?) or FLM2006.

    I followed the Pfitzinger 18-week schedule on 55-60 mpw this time round, and it did me proud - I would definitely recommend this to anyone.

    For the next attempt I may look at upping the miles to 70 mpw - however, I think that maybe my long runs were run too slow (averaging 8:30-9:00 m/m). Next time around I will try to up these to 7:30-8:00

    I know that this may increase the injury risk somewhat, but I'm convinced that if I get my body used to running at a faster pace on these runs then the shock of running those 6:52 m/m's on race day won't be as great.
  • How are you all planning to get in next year? I just missed 3 hours (ran 3h1m) so can't qualify under GFA, my only sub 3 marathon was in 2001. I got in this year via the lottery, at the first attempt, but I suspect my time might have been taken into consideration. Either that, or I was very lucky.

    Does anyone know how GFA works? If the allocated places are not filled by qualified runners do they give some to the next quickest runners?
  • nichs2nichs2 ✭✭✭
    (un)fortunately i am over 40 by three years so 3:15 is good for age...UNLESS THEY CHANGE THE RULES

    faster paced long runs do increase injury risks...this is why i want maintain the fitness built up this year and very gradually increase it

    i always thought 55 miles was the maximum i could squeeze into a week, but i did 7 weeks over 60 this year
  • N2,
    Coincidence but I'm 43 also.
    CP - I think its worth writing to GFA stating your recent times, it maybe that they have so many places to fill?
  • As usual count me in
    3:01, 3:05, 3:04, DNF are my previous Londons (2002-5). *sigh*
  • Count me in
    Did 3.08.03 this year with still loads left at the end(ran a negative split).
    With all my training by myself,joined a club and hope it makes me a better runner.
    Iam 42 is this a mid life crises thing?
    Only took up running 2yrs ago after a 20 odd year break.
    Iv'e ordered the pfitzinger book so I'll see which plan to go with.
    The last 2 yrs Iv'e used the ones off here,the sub 3.30 and the sub 3.15 and they both worked.
    When is there any news on the GFA places?
  • Count me in too! Big sympathies Monique, hope you are on the road to recovery. I started running again last week and I am back to square one. Physio has referred me to sports specialist with a possible stress fracture of the femur or a bursitis (now that the hamstring has settled!). I upped my mileage too much and paid for it with an accummulated injury. Praying that I will still be able to at least run New York!
    3.11, 3.06, this year DNS.
  • I think I'll join this thread too. Last 2 marathons 3:14 at Cardiff and 3:06 this year at London.

    I plan on doing the New Forest marathon in Sept and will see how close to 3 I can get. But the serious attempt will be at Lonond next year.

    I need to work on my shorter distance speed, which I'm going to do over the next couple of months.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Monique.. so sorry you had to pull out this year, you were running so well in the build up. Don't be daunted, try again next year!

    CP.. I have never known FLM drop the GFA standard due to a lack of runners. I know a few people who have got in with, say, 3hrs 23 secs or similar. One of my club ladies got into the championship start a few years ago with 3:15.46.(pre chip timing). Our secretary wrote a begging letter with details of her other times/performances and she was accepted.

    My gut feeling (and I hope it dosen't happen) is that the gap between GFA young men (sub 3hrs) and GFA young women (sub 3:45) will be reduced. Even the ladies in my club reckon sub 3hrs for men is much the tougher of the two targets. We shall see!

    I intend to have a go at 3hrs in the autumn, probably at Berlin. Ran 3:07 at FLM with a month's lost training so I am cautiously optimistic.
  • Good thread - I've done 3:08(2003) and 3:04 (2005) - although had virus up until Friday this year (bummer!).
    I'm following Utta Pippig 12 week PC Coach marathon plan and attempting to go sub 3:00 at Cardiff in October.
    Have also ordered Jack Daniels book and will give that consideration.
    I think my problem this year (apart from the virus) was too many "slow" junk miles i.e mileage for mileage sake!!!
  • next year's london is a long way away,but i need to get really focused for it...

    i'm not decided on an autumn marathon yet...i ran the majorca marathon as a training run on the heart monitor this year and i'm not sure if it did me any good

    abingdon would be a sensible choice for me in october

    i remember reading a few years ago that summer/autumn should be the time to be working on speed and strength, but every time i do this i pick up injuries (i'm 43)
  • Are the Pfitzinger schedules available online? If not, could anybody recommend which book I'd find them in?
  • JEJ,
    Somebody gave me this website:
    This is the 18 week schedule, but I believe there is a 24 week version kicking around somewhere.
  • I'd like to join too. I improved my PB this year from 3:21 to 3:09 by slowing down and doing lots more miles.

    Would like to try and have a crack at sub 3 in the autumn but have a stupid ironman to do in July that is going to mess up any chance of that, so I think a M around london will be the next one.

    My target for the next 3 months is to maintain 50+ miles a week, with at least one 10 mile marathon HR run a week. After that I want to get a base milage of 70+ a week until next march.
  • Gold RushGold Rush ✭✭✭
    count me in as well,
    Only done the one marathon, this years Duchy. I achieved my target of a sub 3:15 with a time of 3:02 so have got my g.f.a
    Will look to go sub 3 either at Cardiff or flm 06.
    Hi to everyone.

  • Count me in. I PB'd FLM2005 in 3:05 and as I'm 45 (happily, as I have no desire whatsoever to turn the clock back!) I should be ok for a GFA time in 2006.

    That said, I may go for a sub-3 time in an autumn marathon (Cardiff is the most likely at present). At the moment, I am back to base training at 50 miles per week and will focus on 10Ks for the next month from a racing perspective. Then make a decision about an autumn race in a few weeks.
  • Would you believe I was listening to Rush (2112) on the car stereo only y'day!

    Nice to know there's a heavy rock fan around here.

    I will be doing Vienna next month, and possibly Cardiff in Oct.

    I ran Cardiff (3rd Oct)last year, posted a 3.06 getting me into London (I'm over 40!). I had only 7 days to get accepted as entries shut on the 10th.

    This year the closing date for FLM will not be announced until July, and Cardiff is run on 9th Oct. It might be that if you are looking to get into the FLM2006 via good for age sub3 you might have left it a bit too late to be accepted.
  • count me in! Missed sub 3 this year by 43 seconds by slowing down ridiculously in the last mile and a half thorugh lack of miles in training.

    would I get in on a GFA with a time of 3:00:42 at FLM 2005? I know some events such as New York allow a 59 second buffer around the qualifying time.

    the bat
  • Gold RushGold Rush ✭✭✭
    Hi D.N - Nice to see someone else appreciates good music
    I'm also vet 40 so 3:02 should be good enough for gfa London 06

    Batfink- oh so close. I have heard of people with times as close as yours writing a letter and pleading their case. It's got to be worth a try.However if I were you i think i'd target another before October and really go for it.
  • Thanks for all your replies, it sounds like an application for a GFA place, with a covering letter would be my best bet. My main goal is to run Boston in either 2006 or 2007 but work demands/ finances may not allow that next year, so another shot at a sub-3 FLM is my definite plan B.
  • I've just been for a body composition test so I can compare my state now and then again prior to the Berlin marathon. Just in case it's of interest to anyone for comparison:
    Age: 24
    Height: 188cm
    Weight: 74.4
    BMI: 21.1
    Body Fat: 8.6%

    It goes on breaking down each limb but I fell asleep at that point..zzzzzzzzzzz
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