OSD, help

hi, iv been wearing a tube bandage on my OSD (osgood schlatters) knee for about a week but take it off wen i go to bed. Should i be leaving it on as the swelling will come back or should i take it off? Iv heard that i should leave it on so its constant pressure. is this true? Oh, iv just had my in growing toe nail done! for everyone else look after your nails! it was sooo painful and i had to watch!


  • Tom, Don't mess about - Where have you "heard from"? Get your GP or other health pro's advice. As I replied in your previous post, I had it when I was at school (I have big lumps below my knee cap now). Ask a physio - ring up your health centre. Get it treated right. Maybe we have some qualified folks onboard here. You do not need to "hear" you need sound qualified advice!!
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