Triple K, knackered, kuddly and kinky Thrsday 19th

Well Im knackered anyway
The on call continues


  • Hang in there Benz.....

    (off to bed now - just got in from drinking far too much red wine with ex-colleagues!)

  • Humph
    No gin ffor me till Friday:(
  • Friday is only two days away!!!
  • BTW - doctors are fab (saw your comments on the art thread - my sister is a doctor and although she does seem to know it all and I find that irritating sometimes I really admire the effort she puts in, even when she doesn't want to)
  • I certainly dont know it all
    But Im competent enough to ask when i dont
    Im on duty till 5pm on friday
  • 5pm ON FRIDAY!!!!

    That's inhuman - I thought all that stuff was in the past now (due to (1)legislation (2) negotiation (3) you are a consultant)

    I am not worthy to be sharing a thread with you. I am only an accountant.

    I'll repeat it. Doctors are fab.
  • Well Im a senior registrar, so the european directive doesnt apply to us till 2004
    Never mind
  • Well Im a senior registrar, so the european directive doesnt apply to us till 2004
    Never mind
    And dont be silly
    We are ALL worthy
  • Will stop being silly!! [Doctor's orders!]

    Really quite tipsy now so off to bed. Take care of yourself


    PS Read about your speed sessions. Inspired me to do one myself last week. Ouch.
  • Humph(again)
    Me next one is due on friday
    Nite, dont fprget the pint of water
  • Yipee 6 days to go!!!!
    I would just like to share with you the fact that I just felt my ickle baby (not born yet) kick for the very first time....:-)
    G'night all
  • Woweeee
  • boing :)
  • hiya
  • done the Training thread now, thnx for reminding me!

    crikey. odd how it's turned into "my" thread and if other people start it they somehow feel the need to apologise!! :)
  • Youre the only other person i know who says crikey
  • Well im off - catch you all later

  • Bye Will, keep in touch, and take care
    Big squeeeze
  • Will

    Take care. see you soon.

    Good night all.

    Hope my ramblings haven't been too 'out there'.
  • later will. take it easy mate :)

    benz, do you sound welsh, or are you still a yorkshire lass :)
  • Sound welsh now
    I forecast two days for me to get a Brummie accent
  • heh heh! :)

    "y'awlroiiight fawrumoites"

  • Oh my goooooooooooood
    Shall attempt sllep soon, fully clothed in case the dreaded bleep goes off
  • where do you get to sleep? is there a restroom :)
  • Ive got my own on call room, cos not allowed to leave the hospital
  • PSI
    Stop surfing
    i wanna say goodnight
  • Ok mate
    goodnight sleep well
  • aah right.

    i bet you put cds on when not working and dance around and then people open the door and catch you and you get embarrassed and blush! don't you! eh! eh! well ok then maybe not. :D
  • nite then benz. :)
  • Morning all.. just dropping in to sya Hi and send kisses to all of you! esp Benz who I haven't chatted to for weeks!!!!!

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