Thursday Session - 19 December

Short but sweet:

What: Either a 4 mile run or a 5 mile cycle, plus some swimming and a sauna.
Why: I deserve it!

Last hard: Yesterday's upper body maximal tests - ouch!!
Last rest: The other day.


  • What
    A run if the on call will let me
    Speedwork on friday
  • Feeling tired!

    What: 14km easy run, frosty and icy roads today, taking it easy dont want any injurys now.

    Why:Its just what I planned to do today.

    Last Hard: Sunadys 18 miler

    Last Rest: Yesterday

    Have a good un!
  • Feeling hungover and eating for England.

    What : club night
    Why : its a thursday

    Last Hard Day : Yesterday
    Last Rest Day : Tuesday
  • Feeling weary,

    what;ran three miles but visited three pubs on route.
    why;club christmas festivities.

    lasthard day;sun.
    lastrest day;mon.
  • What: resolved to get round my 4m ring route even if I walked the lot. Ooh dear. Remember that running vs jogging thread? Well, jogging would be gross flattery of the gait I achieved for the first two miles. But as with the way of this thing, in the third, things improved, and I ran from lamppost to lamppost (followed by a lampposts' worth of "jog")at something approximating my old pace. Still mostly numb from ribcage southwards when I run, and I think not from cold. When I tried to stop for a traffic light however both knees setoff in their sewing machine immitation, so I decided it was time to walk.

    Still, something new every day.

    How I would dearly love advice. Isn't there anybody out there, somewhere, who has retrained seized up muscles? Somebody, whose cousin's uncle's sister has done the same?

    Shan't be posting for a bit, as I'm off on a grand tour of relatives. Trainers are coming with me, of course!
  • What: a 40 to 50 min tempo run. I will fit it in. I will! And teaching Body Balance
    Why: I want to

    Last bit of work to finish off then it's down tools and get ready for Christmas. Got a really good Christmassy feeling today!! Ding dong...merrily... on high!!!
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    What: 40 minutes steady pace
    Why: easy day after yesterday's hard
    Last hard session: yesterday
    Last rest: Tuesday

    Snicks, if you're finishing for Christmas today then you should be able to get in lots of training sessions over the next few weeks as you won't have to worry about work!
  • morning all

    thaw set in here overnight I'm relieved to say.

    what: probably nothing. Will see how my legs feel, but I do want to be reasonably fresh for an attempted 10 mile tempo run tomorrow. Stress on "attempted".
    why: see above

    last hard day: Tue
    last long day: Sun
    last rest day: Mon
  • Felicitations, all.

    What: Taking myself to the point of death with intervals on the treadmill. Finish only when I get a "move towards the light" experience.
    Why: Why not? And I missed most of my club sesh on Tue. And I feel the need - the need for speed.
    Rest: Yesterday
    Hard: Saturday

    Happy running/recuperating.
  • Hello everybody, the clock's ticking away and in only 1.5 hrs our visitors arrive for 2 WEEKS; they'll be sleeping in the very room I'm sitting in right now which is covered with files, cds, cards, paper and miscellaneous rubbish.

    Just as frantic therefore as the rest of you, worst of all out on work do tomorrow and haven't a thing to wear, it's not quite a fleece & running tights occasion - any ideas?? No chance of wedging my wide black-toe-nailed runner's feet into pair of 4 inch mules at any rate.

    What: 6 miles steady
    Why: feeling a bit more human today and I LOVE running in frosty winter sunshine, but not a lot of time (who does??) today.
    Last hard: Tues
    Last rest: yesterday.
    Thinking of doing Langdale xmas pud 10K on Sunday.

    Happy end of week everyone! Good luck to all setting off on trips.
  • Let me start this post by saying, D@MN Heel Tabs!!!

    What: 1 Mile Warm up, 3 x 1 Mile in 5:40
    (Intended to do 1 Mile WU, 6xMile, 1 mile CD)
    Why: Heel tab dug into back of achilles. By the end if the 3rd rep, I couldnt wlak, let alone run!, so 2nd session cut short in 2 days.
    Last Hard: I cant remember
    Last Rest: Tuesday

    The running gods are against me this week. Just got over my 24hr stomach bug thing, and then this happens! Su-bl00dy-perb!
  • What : 10 miles in the crisp air of Brighton seafront at half-mara pace.
    Why : Because watching the sun rise in the winter is great...
    Last Hard Day : Tuesday
    Last Rest Day : Wedensday
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Running gods are against me too, KK! Had a weird stomach poisoning thing yesterday: like incredibly bad indigestion right at the very top of my stomach. Convinced it was caused by licking over 200 envelopes on Tuesday. Lasted all Tuesday night and all day yesterday, but has finally gone!

    So: 4.1 miles tonight OR ELSE!
    Why: Because I must, must, MUST run today! Haven't been since Monday and I can feel my fitness ebbing away ...
    Last hard: Monday.
    Last rest: Not long ago enough!

    SO hard to fit it all in at this time of year!
  • Minkin: Yeah, I read about it mate, I would say deepest sympathy, but y'know what they say, 'empathy is better than sympathy', right?

    Thinking about it, I now reckon my stomach started playing funny so that I could understand my fellow runners with dicky tummies better, therefore, there IS a positive I can draw from the whole experience! No, really... ;)
    PS. Hope your run goes better than mine did Minkin
    P.P.S Just noticed, the distance you intend to do is exactly that which I managed before 'the dreaded heeltab' struck! Spooky!
  • Todays diary of the non-running runner.
    Drew - regarding your yesterdays comment on weight training to strengthen ligaments. I'm not fully into weight training at the moment but that is definitely on the agenda for the January. At the moment I want to try and carry some fitness into the new year so am focusing on altenative aerobic exercise - hence cycling and rowing - but I certainly think weight training is a good idea.

    Todays session (already done) was an hours sqaush - probably not ideal for knee recuperation (too much slamming feet) but good fun nonetheless and a chance for me to spend more time with MrsH (herself an excellent racquet sports player). So a good workout and brownie points as well - bonus!!

    Some of you may remeber the thread on L'etape du tour, well I foolishly (subconciously?) booked my summer holiday on the weekend it was due to take place - however, they've now changed the date to 16th July which now gives me no excuse. This years event at over 200k is a real challenge but something to keep my mind off running for the next couple of months!
  • What - LSD day 2.5 hours
    Why - gradually build up of mileage
    last rest - yesterday
    last hard - Tuesday

    The only good thing about this run is the fact that I've already done it. Bad thing is that I am now sat at work and I'm knackered. Still, it beats being knackered in your own time.
  • Managed an hour's run in beautiful weather, including hills, 10 x 36 secs, 1 min recoveries - a nice flapjack and a coffee on my return. And now I must get back to work.
  • Yup, great weather. Sneaked off for an hour at lunch for a very pleasant outing in the cool sunshine - chance to get the shades out !

    What:- steady 8 miles
    Why:- still hoping for a FLM slot
    Last rest :- yesterday
    Last hard :- Sunday
  • What: 5KM on treadmill
    Why: Schedule Says so
    Last Rest: Monday
    Last Hard: Race on Sunday

  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    afternoon cats,

    what : 11mile steady part road,part x-c in 84mins
    why : stinking head cold yesterday made me feel like a bag of spanners so I didn't venture out all day.Felt infinitely better this morning and wanted to do a long(ish) run.

  • Good afternoon all

    To those that have got their training in already, well done. I think you will have had the better of the weather, I think the temperatures are begging to fall quite quickly - just in time for tonights club run.

    Laura - I hope the Langdale 10k is down the valley! Have a pint of Jennings in the Britannia at Elterwater for me if you go anywhere near, a fanatastice part of the world you live in.

    What: Club run 5.5 - 8.7 miles

    Why: Club night always on Thu

    Last Hard: Yesterdays gym session, though after reading PSI's efforts I think I will have to reassess hard:)

    Last Rest: Sunday

    MartinH, I can beat Mrs SH at squash but I can't beat her mother, though she does still play ladies county 1st team and got selected to play for England over 50. We are going to visit this weekend and the usual drumming will no doubt be on the cards!! I'm learning to take it well - like I have a choice ;-)
  • Afternoon all!

    What: nothing
    Why: I'm due a rest day, seeing as the last was last Friday, plus going to watch Xmas production later-always good fun!

    Well done all those who managed some good runs today. Much respect Stickless!
  • a festive good evening to all - they were skating at Marble Arch on an outdoor ice rink as my bus went past just now, it was like something out of Dickens.

    what: 5 miles recovery
    why: recovery day
    last rest: Tuesday
    last hard day: yesterday

    KK - I know just what you're going through with the old heel tab routine having had it this week as well, though maybe not so bad. why do they persist in making running shoes the way they do? I'm tempted to do a Gordon Pirie and get the scissors out for a bit of wanton vandalism. hope it gets better fast.
  • Oh My God!!! look at the time, i have to fit a run in somewhere today, but the time is just slipping away

    what: 10km route, quite hilly, in a sub 37 minute time
    why: because this i sa recovery from last nights lactate response session

    last hard: last night
    last easy:rested on tuesday

    last rest, tuesday

    god, i need motivation. this time of year can be so unfocused and i'm inclined to just sit around sometimes
  • What: rest
    Why: stupidly agreed to play football at lunchtime and got a knock on the knee. These b****** contact sports, can't be doing with them.
    Next: See what I feel like tomorrow but definitely no footie.
  • PM- What: Full Body Strength Program (1hr) plus Body Balance (1hr)
    Why: Usual Thursday evening routine, for strength, suppleness and recovery
    Last Hard: Cant remember
    Last Rest: Tuesday

    Achilles: Cheers mate, much appreciated. I've plastered it up tonite & intend to run wearing a neoprene ankle brace as padding tomorrow, so I'll let you know how it goes, I reckon it'll be runnable though...
  • Belfast_phil
    A hilly 10K in sub 37 is a recovery run????
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