Podiatrists/physio in Bristol area

I'm on my second physio after having problems with both my achilles tendons and my left iliotibial band.

Since yesterday I've been having pain in my right arch, which sounds like PF to me from reading other posts. I've been wearing orthotics (customised by podiatrist) for nearly 3 months, and am irritated, to say the least, that yet another problem has appeared when I'd so-say corrected my gait problems.

The only change I've had to make is to slightly different shoes, because the 1100s didn't feel right with my orthotics, which were made when I was running in 1090s. But I tried them in the running shop and they felt like they were fine.

So, who do RW forumites recommend as good physios/podiatrists in the Bristol area? I want a fast solution - I've had too many breaks in the last 9 months and soon Fauja Singh will be overtaking me in races...


  • JoolsB dont know any podiatrists in Bristol but I think the key is in the shoes,are you wearing neutral cushioning shoes now? Are your orthotics designed around the mild pronation correction in the 1090s? Also do you wear your orthotics in your day shoes ? ( I am a podiatrist and I've had similar problems in the past with not allowing for the shoes inbuilt support when wearing orthotics)Does sound like PF is the pain worse in the morning? If so very likely to be PF
  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭
    Well, I'm using Adidas Response control, so I think that's a no to the first question. I took the orthotics with me to the running shop and used them in the shoes when I was trying them out to make sure they felt OK, and the staff member said my foot and ankle seemed stable. The pain is only present when wearing running shoes, bizzarely. When in my ordinary work shoes, which I wear without inserts, I don't have the problem. I had a sports massage today and virtually all my leg/hip muscles are tight... Pain in foot went after 1 mile running and has been present for first few steps when I walk after a prolonged period of sitting.
  • Definitely PF then classic symptoms! I really think that your orthotics combined with the control in the shoes are providing too much support and altering your foot's natural shock absorpton. I would take the orthotics back to where you got them from with the new trainers,it's hard to comment further without knowing the prescription on the orthotics. Also orthotics generally need to be worn in all footwear all of the time.
  • Jules - sorry to put a dampener on things but I don't think there is a fast solution to PF. Many of us on the big "PF - what now" thread have been suffering for many months despite trying all sorts of "cures"
    Just don't build your hopes up that a good physio/pod will provide a miracle cure.
    That said, with a bit of luck, catching it early will speed up your recovery. Best wishes, Debbie
  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭
    Thanks for the advice. I think I may have laced the new shoes too tightly to start with, as I've now tried walking in them a couple of times with the laces looser, and there was no pain at all this morning. I'll still go back to the original podiatrist so that he can check the orthotics are doing their job properly, but hopefully if I keep the careful stretches and don't try and increase my mileage for a bit I can keep this one at bay? (It never hurts to be optimistic in the early stages!!!)
  • Well good luck, hope the advice helped!
  • Jools - great news. The lack of pain yesterday morning is a good sign. Hope it stays away :o)
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