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  • Yep, had already had more than a sip of wine but just wanted to try it!
  • Beer, yuk. Not to my taste, I'm afraid. Nor are gin, whisky, blonde beer, brandy, rum, vodka...oh, the list goes on.

    Three diet cokes and I'm anyone's. Cheap date, or what?
  • (((Womble))) you say the sweetest things!
  • Ah that explains it, I can't just sip Bishops, It has to be the whole bottle!! lol
  • There was only one bottle in Tinribs and my brother in law was making fast work of it, so just a sip this time.
  • Hey St heres three cokes , get them down your neck..........chuckles fiendishly !!
  • right, that's it off to bed for me, all that champers has gone right to me head!

    Night all
  • ally, as with running, a full bottle of Bishops Finger has to be built up to gradually.

    Remember the golden rule. Only increase by 10% per week. This week, one sip. Next week, one and a bit sips. Go for volume, not speed, and consolidate for a couple of weeks before increasing again.

    By Christmas, you should be able to have about half a bottle.
  • Nighty night Ally !!!
  • ST....ROFL
  • Oh, TR, you are a very bad man.

    <<ST giggles coquettishly>>

    Burp!! Oh pardon me, all the bubbles in those cokes TR bought me are having their effect.

    What I forgot to say was that three diet cokes and I'm anyone's but the constant burping puts people off!! Tee hee ;)
  • Wise words ST. I did that with beer. Not sure when to stop though, I'm going up by 30 pints a week at the moment.
  • just stuck head back round the door.....

    You've made me giggle before bed ST, so I go off to nod a happy cheerful bunny, ta!
  • Night ally! Hope all that fizz doesn't leave you with a bad head in the morning.
  • More champagne anyone?
    I've found a '67 Dom Perrignon at the back of the fridge.
  • MB, are you going for the beer endurance record?

    Methinks you are now in ultra stakes. Personally, I am thinking of going down the triathlon training regime... I am going to "tri" and drink things other than champagne. So far my training has resulted in me being able to drink red wine, dry white and Pimms. Result!!
  • never cease to amaze me....all that champs and 3 cokes and you can still spell cocketishly
  • Dom Perignon!!!! (note only one "r", MB)

    Me, me, me!!!

    <<ST opens mouth and waits for DP to be poured into it>>

    glug glug
  • Well, TR, it's the result of having had a classical Scottish education. See my comment to MB re Dom Perignon (did a French degree as well).

    Alcohol and coke just make me even more pedantic. Sorry!!
  • Sorry folks, this old fella is cream crackered, gonna say nighty night.
  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    Ooh mmore champers! Yesh pleesh.
  • ST, I'm training for the MdS - Marathon de Stout.
    151 pints in 6 days, sitting on a sandy beach in the summer.

    Triathlon sounds fun as well. Keep tri-ing those drinks and you'll break your reliance on the champers.
  • Night tinribs. Obviously a tiring year.
  • Rats, I just composed a witty, erudite post bidding you all goodnight and managed to press the wrong button and lose it!!

    Must have had too much champagne *hic*

    Well, this old woman (no, no, don't say that! you all chorus...or not!) is going to hit the hay.

    Please, stay and finish off the fizzy but don't open any more bottles. Keep them until tomorrow night when I can have some more ;)

    Plenty gin, SC and beer available and I've left some cheese and pickle sandwiches in the back room.
  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    Cheese and pickle lovely!
  • Goodnight ST.
    Will keep the champagne on ice for tomorrow.
  • Night all.
    BTW, for those of you doing the Oxford T and G, the race director has just offered to put a sign near the finish line to give us a meeting point. Nice man, or what? I've invited him here for a drink tomorrow night.
  • Right, I'm going to grab a quick night cap and then off I go.
    Anyone still around want anything.

    << starts pouring beer, and eyes up a midnight snack >>
  • Womble, leave that booze alone and get back to huggin`.
  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    Hi, Glugg. Ok pour me a whisky & SC and I'll nip over to hugs. Be back in a minute!
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