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What a load of rubbish this is. Am trying to get info on races for the start of next year! However, in the events section they all have that stupid RW+ thing next to them which means I can only access it if I subscribe. I buy this bloody magazine every month religiously but it is not worth me buying a subscription as I change my address too frequently.

Get it sorted Runner's World!

Funny how the only event information anyone can look at is the ones that you are able to enter online and they can make money from. Bit selfish really!


  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Paul - there's some listings on other websites such as (you have to sign up but it's free) which is updated by members of this forum and other club sites - the only one I know properly is but I'm sure there's plenty of others across the country.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    To be honest, I don't think there are many races on the website that aren't in the magazine anyway, so you probably aren't missing much.
  • Paul

    if we were making stacks of cash we'd initiate some kind of scratchcard code in each copy of the magazine, that lets newsstand buyers use the RW+ content on the site - I know some of the newspapers are thinking about that, but it would cost a fortune to initiate.

    As it is, it doesn't make any sense for us to give away one of the key areas of the magazine on the web for nothing. Right now, nonsubscribers get two months of searchable details on the web (on our old site they got one), with forums and sometimes more race detail than we have space for in the magazine. Not a bad deal, I think, and, we think, a better package than anyone else provides.

    Magazine buyers usually get three months of listings in the magazine and subscribers get all the race details we have up to a year ahead on the website.

    We'd love to be able to please everyone all the time; as it is we can just do our best

    Sean, RW
  • You sure know how to kill a thread Sean!
  • BTW, while you're here, do you get commission off Ron Grover for him using your article title as his thread title. You ought to you know. Run it by the RW solicitors (Sue, Grabbitt & Runne) see what they say.

    Go on Sean. Make that call!!
  • Ought to SUE I meant to say.
  • I think he,s gone........
  • Don't hang around does he?
  • Maybe we could subscribe to the website instead, it could cost less and encourage serious browsers
  • Access to subscriber only is why I asked the husband to buy sub for my birthday. It's good, but it's a bit of a pi**er that we don't get any freebies that the hoipolloi newsagent shoppers get!
  • I have to agree with Sean.

    If everything was available for free on the web why would you buy the magazine. Yes OK some would but a lot would stop. Obviously an issue if you buy on the newstands but that's life. As a subscriber I value the extra benefits from the web-site.

  • Helen T, in defence of Sean you get it a lot cheaper, before anyone else, and delivered to the door so you don't have to go fetch. And do you really really want the stuff they stick to the cover of the newsstand ones...
  • Right!

    After complaining about subscriber only content, to my embarassment my Mrs got me a subscription for Christmas!

    However, now I have another complainy. I went in to my local Co-op this morning and the new runners world was on the shelf. I have yet to receive my subscription copy!

    I thought the point was that subscribers get it well before it hits the shelves. I am not happy!
  • got mine last night,read cover to cover,would you like to borrow?:-)
  • All,

    Sorry to drag an old thread back to the top of the pile, but I'm still a bit perplexed by the logic of making race details subscriber only.

    RW articles, etc. is a given... they belong to RW, so you can do with them as you wish.

    1. Race details are, surely the possession of the race organisers. If they provide you with these details, I presume they want them made as widely available as is possible in order to ensure their events are filled to their maximum potential. In a more competitive (publishing) environment, Race Organisers will take their race details to the provider who will get the info out to the widest audience at the earliest opportunity. (It is not inconceivable that, at some point, RW would have to pay Race Organisers for the right to publish their Race Details - it is a major reason why people buy the magazine/visit the web-site).

    2. If non-subscriber access to the race calendar is restricted to 2 months forward, would it not make more sense to "hide" all event details beyond this timescale.... If I want to know what is occurring in November, I can still see what events are out there, and it hardly takes the brains of a genius to then put these details into google and pull up full race details (this is esp. true of races which have their own website). When I look up a race planned for the future and it comes up as "subscriber only content", my thought process is not 'I must go out and buy this months RW/subscribe to RW'.... it is more likely to be 'that's a pain, I'll bet there is another site out there somewhere which will not make me go through this tortuous path to find out how to get an application form'.
  • Compiling all the results and running the server costs money. Even if you never read the magazine the small amount of money a subscription costs is well worth it just to have access to the server.

    I have no complaints about the facilities that RW offer. After all it is by far and away much better value than the British 10k (had to have a dig at that one).

    Sean and RW - you have my vote to keep the status quo. (and maybe give away a free quo CD with an issue!)
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    Hubby subscribes but never posts i read his mag and post all the time. Will i soon be banned?
  • Darn freeloaders! Gerroff Dr. Cath and don't come back til u've got a fully paid up subscription!!

  • beebsbeebs ✭✭✭
    Brute brrr as i say hubby subscribes and the money comes out tof the joint account
    sniff wipes tear from cheek
  • mmm, well, hmmm, hard decision........

    O ALLRIGHT, YOU CAN USE THE FORUM!! (but eye'll be keeping an eye on u Dr.!!!)
  • beebsbeebs ✭✭✭
    Thank you thank you.
    Well i'm off to bed with a mug of cocoa and a copy of funners world.
  • beebsbeebs ✭✭✭
    i mean Runners
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