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Hey Guys

Have suffered from lower back pain for as long as I can remember - nothing massve just a niggle if I don't stretch/carry something heavy for a long time/don't do exercise for a while.

However the pain has increased over the past couple of days and it is still hurting this morning, even though I had a nice 5 mile run yesterday...

Its low in my back, to the right hand side, behind my pelvic bone. Anyone got any stretches/ideas of what I can do to make it feel better?



  • hello,

    have a look at the movements described on this link.




  • Wardee

    Although I haven't had problems to stop me running to do with my lower back, when I was marathon training I noticed that it tightened up a lot and was quite stiff, especially after long runs.

    Pilates was recommended to me when I had a sports massage. She said that it works on your core stability and would help no end.

    I started last week and am off again for another session today.

    Last week I came away thinking what was that all about then, until the next morning!!

    Pilates is supposed to be really good at strengthening the lower back muscles.

  • okay, cheers, I think I may try that - stretching and strengthening seems like the only options!
  • Wardeeee, my doctor recommended Stretches (I do Pilates) and swimming with a snorkle so that you dont have to turn to breath.
  • Wardee
    I have suffered lots of lower back pain , I have visited a really good osteopath a few times and he has put me right, however he did say that lower back problems can cause problems with hamstrings, ITB, calf , and even cause plantir fascitis(if that is how you spell it).
    I have however found that recently I have had lots of problems with most of the above mentioned and at the moment feel a complete wreck.
    Any advice out there would be appreciated.
  • I am currently going to a chiropractor as i have lower back pain that transfered to my upper back and i thought enough is enough. I have been told my pelvis tilts and results in me seeming to have one leg longer than the other and this has caused the back pain. Therefore i def think you should see someone as in my experience it only get worse!

  • I have suffered back pain on and off for years, and was told in the end that I was too flexable in my hips(didn't know that was possible), and was given exercises to help this, which I did for about a week.
    I have found that running has helped my back as I seem stronger in the now in the legs. It seems to me it depends on who your Dr. is as to what they tell you...
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