Women & Cars

Why can women not respect that a man needs a clean car??
I only drive my car at weekends during the week my wife potters around in it doing what ever she does ,but why do they have to treat them as a dustbin??
Every Saturday Morning I am faced with the same old dilemma put a pair of overalls on or perform a full valet before we go off down Waitrose.
Coke can's ,chewing gum & wrapper ,sweet's ,water bottles,wellington boots, dog leads ,wet coats, news papers.
The final straw this last week she went to the garden centre picked up few "bit's & bob's" & then put them on the back seat !!Why ??
The boot was empty & has a nice (unused)rubber load liner in it !!
I am not expecting her to do anything technical like fill the bloody washer bottle or god forbid wash the damn thing.
Ladies please tell me why????????


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