Sub 3:15 FLM 2006

My best time so far is 3:42, but that was done off about 15 weeks training. I currently have acrocked knee, but I know I've got a place next year which hopefully will motivate me not only to get sub 3:30, but sub 3:15.

Any other takers?


  • I'm up for this Bear

    I was hoping for sub 3:30 this year but got injured - so deferral and all means I'm in too.

  • Excellent!

    Anyone else?
  • me


  • I wish!
  • dan dandan dan ✭✭✭
    Get Meldy chasing you with her yukka and I'm sure you'll manage sub 2:15, never mind 3:15!
  • Didn't think Meldy could run that fast!
  • Assuming I get in via the ballot or a club place you can count me in.

    Hoped for sub 3:30 this year, got too hot and finished in 3:32:05.

    3:15 is my goal for next year either at London, Abingdon or New Forest.
  • If I get a place I may just join you - I have 2 more marathons this year and hope to have ran 3:30 by the end of the year (done London in 3:44)

    Would love to get 3:15 next year
  • Well I was on this thread for 2005 but did not have a good race, so, if I get in this will be the target again for next year.

    I'll probably be using the Mike Gratton plan that was successful for many of my contempories this year.
  • boing!
  • I ran 3:27 this year at London and have a GFA place next year so I'll join you.
  • me too
    looking good humph (had a change of from world champion)
    my training mirrors some of Mike Grattons but not all of it got me round in 3.08 if any one wants a copy then mail me
  • If im still running then this would have to be the target after failing big time over the last 2 years.

    Will keep in touch

    Good luck everyone.
  • ive put myself down for a sub 3.30 next year but in a perfect world i want a sub 3.15.

    i did my first marathon this year in 3.40 and i realised that i didnt do enough 20 milers in my training, therefore i struggled between 23 and 25, does that sound right? any advice please.

    I'm well up for it!
  • running-blade - can i have a look at your training plan please?

    sorry i know im cheeky!
  • I missed out narrowly (on 3.15) at FLM '05 by 2 mins 47seconds. Absolutely gutted to be honest. I know where I went wrong with my trg (only started last August) so this will be rectified for '06 (Secretly i will be aiming for sub 3hrs but dont tell anyone).
    Just in case anyone is interested I followed the MyAsics sub 3.30 trg plan as this was my original goal. I only changed my goal to 3.15 as i got on so well in the trg.
  • edward hawkins-no problem but I need a
    e mail address
  • So what's everyone planning over the summer in terms of mileage?
  • Hi all, just joining in too – nice to see a few familiar names. Aim to put my DNF at this year’s race (owing to catching a very heavy cold 48 hours before, which annoyingly is still hanging around!) and get a sub-3:15 in the bag at Berlin on 25 September. Hopefully, I'll then have a championship place for FLM ‘06.

    Aiming to peak at about 60 mpw, which is nearly a 40% increase on my maximum weekly mileage to date, with some cycling and swimming thrown in.
  • just started getting back in to it after London
    planning 35miles this week

    been out today for 8m in 61mins
    1st 4in 31mins 2nd 4 in 30
    ran last mile in 7mins

    speed session tomorrow on track 12 x 400m

    planning to build a base around a long run of 15miles

    looking 4 weekly mileage og 45-50m
  • hello, can i join in please, assuming i get a GFA at Cardiff (and that the dates work out)? Not done a marathon for a few years, so will be interesting to see how things go...

    planning mileage around 50 miles per week leading up to Cardiff, but haven't sat down and decided on/worked out a schedule yet. Will probably reassess then depending on how things go...
  • Over the summer i will be concentrating on my speed. So racing mainly 5 and 10k's, maybe one or 2 occasional half marathons. My mileage is not going to be massive but i will still be doing up to 16 on Sundays, maybe 12 milers on Wednesdays too, this is what i am doing at the moment anyway. I dont particularly want to lose what i have gained through trg for FLM 2005 so i am keeping a base.
    I had thought about trying to go for a sub 3hr marathon before London to get a GFA but i have decided against it. Apart from me not believing I would be able to achieve this this year, I also think it would take something away from the excitement of day and achieving (hopefully) a sub three hour run on 26 April! I think its only fair to calm down (just a little) and give some time back to my family after they have been so understanding over the last 8 months whilst in trg for flm 05.
    So i expect i will up the milage round about August/September time. By Christmas i want to be up to 20 milers on Sundays and averaging over 60 miles a week
  • hi guys
    This is a peekaboo to see who's still around. I forecsast that LLL will get his long deserved 3:15, provided he does 2 things.
    1) Regular long runs. ie alternate a 13 miler with a 20 miler. The aim being 6 or 7 20 milers between Christmas and FLM, and a handful of 13s.
    2) Regular weekly mileage of 40 to 50 mpw

    3) Consider ditching the Glos 20 mile race: it may be taking too much out of the legs too close to the main event. Yes I did say 2 things. This isn't a science.

    The theory here is that the slower you run, the more training you can do, the more miles in the bank, the better the endurance becomes, the lower the chance of bombing at mile 20.

    Oh Swanny? Its 23rd April 2006, isn't it?
  • Sorry, i seem to have the figure "26" constantly ethed into my mind for some reason?
  • I have a similar idea in my mind Blisters - main problem now is getting my knee fit to run more than a mile before complaining like bu99ery!

    if I can do that - I have the trainign programme!!
  • In the spirit of new forum names I've changed from Humph to the above, was looking for a new pic to really go undercover but nothing inspirational found yet!

    I'll also be keeping a longer run through the year as RB and Blisters suggest, this will certainly ease the transition into the full marathon programme where my main aim is to improve the endurance, particularly in the legs. Weekly mileage should average 45-50 based on current trends and if I can get the speed base in over the early summer I may even go for an autumn marathon.
  • did my 12x400m this morning 7am
    pleased with the results managed a couple of 1min 30sec, rest mainly around 1min 33secs
    did 6 laps anti clock then 6 clockwise the clockwise laps where quicker than the anti clock is this cause Im left handed
    did a 100m walk then 100m jog between
  • i started my preparation for the year ahead in stunning form yesterday by falling over my feet in front of approximately 580* people sitting outside a pub. So now i have dented knees and a dented ego! (still managed 10m after though, and i think the congealing blood all over my legs did get me a little more respect than usual).

    1 hour rowing this am, followed by 3 mile run. (recovery and knee gunky)

    *this figure may not be strictly accurate
  • is that what you call a pub crawl
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