Race Technique

I have been running for approx 12 mths and done 1 x 5k, couple of 10k's, 2 x 10mile, and 4 half marathons.
My technique is to run all the way irrespecitve of how tired I feel, but some people walk and then pass me later, appearing to be quite refreshed.
I fear that once I stop I will not get going again at any reasonable speed anyway. Any suggestions on which works, run all the way or run and walk?


  • at what pace (mile per min) are you running at for these distances?
    one would expect to run all the way would be quicker than run/ walk
    questions you should ask yourself:
    am I starting off to fast and slowing down at the end?, if you run the first miles quicker than the last then you are starting to quick, for every second you gain in the first half of the run you will loose double in the second half
    have I done the correct training? if you have not done enough training then you will naturally slow down as you get tired
  • I agree with the start slow and speed up idea, I usually aim to do the first 2 miles about 15-30 secs per mile slower than my target pace so I've got something left at the end.

    I'd also add that if you feel yourself flagging a bit then walk up the next hill. Once you've got your breath back you'll run a bit better.

    The hardest part is starting running after walking, but stick with it for the first few hundred yards and your legs will feel OK. When walking keep pumping your arms as (apparently) it gets rid of the lactic acid build-up from your legs (don't ask me how but it's what I've been told :-) ).
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