Sore Feet

Wonder if anyone could help. I had big trouble this summer with my forefeet. (no, not four feet). I had some Asics 1070s and one day my feet went completely numb, and that numbness spread into my legs as well. It got better over the next few weeks but I found that if I ran over 3 1/2 miles, the numb forefeet began again - very frustating. It dogged my running for a good few weeks/months.

Anyway, I quickly switched some Adidas Major Cushioning trainers and stopped wearing heels as much, and once the residual bruising had gone away, I was fine and haven't had any more pain. However I was out for about 6 miles last night, and the feeling of numbness came back a bit, which was really worrying.

I wore heels yesterday which I think contributed. Can anyone advise how to deal with this? I badly want to up my mileage this Spring and I can't if my feet hurt.


  • Hello Cathryn,

    I don't know what could be causing it, but one way or another it sounds like some sort of nerve problem. In your position I'd be dashing off to a physio or podiatrist to ask for advice. Good luck :)
  • Hi Cathryn,

    I recently have suffered something similar when I went out on the town boozing and I wore high heels. My right big toe and 2nd toe went numb and took all week for the feeling to return! I think it is probably nerve problem so will be at the podiatrist's after Xmas. In the meantime, I'm only wearing 'flatties' going out. I don't have any problems with my trainers at all....thank God. I have quite bony feet so i reckon it is because I haven't got much natural cushioning!
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