Nike Pegasus

I have had the Pegasus a couple of weeks now and have started to get sore calfs and today have quite some pain in my left one.

Anybody else had problems ?


  • Like you Jinx, I've recently bought a pair of Pegasus. The first time I ran in mine it did feel as though my calves were working a bit harder than usual, perhaps because I wasn't used to the cushioning. No lasting pain though and now I find them great to run in. As I'm new to running I don't have much to compair them with.

  • There are a good few Pegasus threads. Try a search if you haven't already.
  • have worn them for years with no problems
  • Tried various versions of them and never had a problem.

  • Mine were no prob at FLM a couple of weeks ago and certainly no probs with calves.
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