More Hips

I know I should see a doctor about this but I haven't - partly never get round to it partly a bit worried it will turn out to be serious - like no more running - I'm sure you know what I mean.

Anyway about 3 years ago I developed a dull ache on the outside of my right hip. Occasionally I would aggravate my lower back (digging the garden seemed to do this, sometimes football) and it would be a bit stiff and sort of move into the outside of hip/buttock area that had the dull ache so I think the 2 are connected.

THis went on off and on for maybe a year. Then I take up going to the gym and running and start regular stretching afterwards - particularly the one where you lie no the floor, cross your leg over the other and pull it towards you. This has more or less made it better but if I do a lot of miles in a week occasionally I can still feel it. As I say it is on the outer hip/buttock area and is not sensitive to pressure. It isn't a problem except I wonder if I am doing damage by running ? Anyone got any ideas ?


  • Id go to a physio as hip/ thigh/ lower back imbalances can cause this sort of problem and with treatment and appropriate excercises it can probably be easily sorted.
  • You could also try the stretch where you cross one leg behind the other - e.g. right behind left, squish outer edge of right into the floor, and then lean right (putting weight onto that side) and then stick your top half in the other direction - that gets a good stretch on the hip. Not sure it's quite the same one as the legs crossed on the floor one.
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