I know this has probably been asked before, and yes I’m sure there is a thread on it somewhere. But I can’t be bothered to look (see some of us are just lazy – that’s why we start all these threads which have already been answered before!!), so……

Can someone please explain this heart rate monitor business for me!!! Don’t know how they’re supposed to work, what I’m meant to be looking for, how they help, etc. Also can you get away with one that literally tells your heart rate or do I really need one that costs £300?

All I know is that people who have one rave about how they help training. Anything is worth a try!!


  • You could buy John Parkers book, the complete idiots guide to HRM training, its brilliant and then decide if you want to splash out lots or a little for a HRM.

    I don't think i'd even like to go for a run without mine now.
  • you might try:

    sorry. don't know how to do the link thing properly.

    I'd start with a basic model. It seems to me that over time we all migrate up the cost/functionality chain on these things...

  • don't bother
  • Thanks TwoDogs, but why not?
  • Yeah why? tell us more...
  • I get everything I could need from my £15 model.
  • Just my own experience...I didn't like it. I prefer training and racing to a pace (I use a GPS sometimes in training as this improves pace judgement).
    There was a thread just last week about it where all the pros and cons were debated.

    It might suit your training style - it didn't suit mine (except I learned that my recovery runs were way too fast, but now I know that, I don't need it anymore). Shame you weren't here last week...I sold mine.
  • I've found the thread for you...some people, sooo lazy, you have to everything for them, they treat this place like a hotel ;-)
  • I know, I know!!

    Thank you V much :0)
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