Good for Age

After failing to get into FLM for past 6 years I am thinking about going for a Good for Age place.
When do I have to achieve my time by and can anyone recommend a good fast marathon to try and get it.

i need to get under 3:45 and my most recent races have been a 19:22 5k and 42:00 10k. I am just about to do a half marathon on Sunday - what sort of time should I be looking at getting to realistically achieve 3:45?


  • I thought you got an automatic place after you'd applied 5 years in a row, or is that a myth?
  • I thought if you didn't get in 5 times you were guaranteed a place?
  • Grrr. X-post.
  • Nope - I keep filling in the box to say that no I still haven't got in - but nothing!!!
  • The calculation formula I have ( somewhere off the web) gives the following results assuming that someone has trained suitably for the distance, a

    42:00 10k gives a prediction of 3:17 marathon and a 1:32:45 Half marathon.
    so by that you're well on course.

    A 3:45 marathon gives a prediction of
    1:45:52 half.- So I'd aim for around that or slightly faster
  • I'm sure you get in after 5 failed attempts. Maybe you should call them.
  • Thanks for times - would Nottingham be a good marathon to go for does anyone know?
  • i've been told I'm good for my age.
    i just can't run very fast.
  • You're superb for any age Jj.
  • As things stand Abingdon is too late for GFA, although I've heard talk of getting FLM to extend the deadline to include Abingdon.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    I don't want to sound pessimistic, but the GFA times are subject to 'tweaking' every year. There is always the possibility that one or more of the qualifying times will be
    changed. This info will not be out until July so I understand.

    In your case though CG, your 5 & 10k times suggest that you would break 3:30 with the right training. In which case I reckon you would definitely get a GFA! A girl in my club has similar times to yours and she ran 3:23 at FLM. Best of luck to you.
  • Last year the GFA times were released before 6th June.-
    I think the female times are pretty unlikely to get tweaked.- there aren't many female runners at the front of the field so you might be ok.-

    Cardiff was the last possible place to get a GFA place last year,.

    (Although if you were going for Championship( 3:15) then you have a couple mor months).
  • why worry - if you've failed 6 times on the trot, you'll get a guaranteed entry next year anyway.
  • Look under race calculators on the quicklinks tab.
  • incidentally i got my GFA on about the hilliest road race I've ever done, 6 weeks after my first ever mara (Hawkes Bay in NZ).
  • Never mind `why worry'. If you can earn the right to a GFA place you get a place guaranteed for 2007 as well and you've achieved something worthwhile.

    Nottingham's not too bad, although you could drop on a hot day in September.

    Good luck and I hope you make it.
  • Nottingham has a few hills in the first half, second half is flat as a pancake. If you do get a recommendation for a really fast marathon in autumn drop me an email 'cos I'm looking to qualify for Boston next year but need to find about 15 minutes improvement...
  • all i meant was, why worry about whether abingdon or whatever will be before or after the cut off date. get in this year, and get a "not completely shocking for age" 3:45, and you'll get in next year any way. piece of cake.
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