• Thanks, Muttley
    You will certainly catch browsers with that thread title!

    My favourite is people's lists with the important one being last on the list. Always tricky.
  • Come on then doctor and the medics, you must have some good stories!?

    My doctor once suspected I had herpes. I was only 16 and hadn't done anything to warrant it but still I was sent all worried to the GUM clinic. Turned out after a battery of tests I had excema!

  • Too much information?
  • H, it would have been too much info if your doctor's suspicion had been correct!
  • Can't tell you real stories but can share one of my favourite medical urban legends:

    stop me if you've heard this one:

    Country doctor is asked to visit elderly chap in his farmhouse. As he walks up the path he notices a large dog sitting patiently on the front step. The dr knocks on the door and hears "Come in, doctor". Opens the door and the dog slips in and sets off down the hallway. The dr follows the dog into the main room where the patient sits by the fireplace. The dog curls up on the rug and the dr takes the other chair by the fire and chats to the farmer. Then the dog starts to be copiously sick on the rug. The farmer ignores this so the dr comes over all British and does likewise while continuing with the consultation.
    Then the dr rises to leave, says goodbye and sets off down the darkened hallway to the front door. And that's when the farmer calls after him:
    "Doctor, don't forget your dog."

    ! :-} Merry Christmas
  • My daughter works in Radiology, a patient was sent down for x-ray from casualty, a glass paperweight was found up his rectum, he was middle aged and married, nowt as queer as folk.
  • Was it one of those winter scene weights.

    All nice and S*****, Sorry SNOWY.

    Heh heh!!!
  • While we're on the subject of foreign bodies in rectums, I'm sure the docs know of this page but anyway:

    Best not read straight after lunch. Oh yes, and they claim the live artillery shell is a true story!
  • Am i being naive, what is this thread about??// drs v. superior generally.
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