rest days...too restful???

enyone else experiencing this... would have to call it an uncontrollable appetite, it's amazing. i realise the importance of fuelling my running, so on training days i eat A LOT, but it seems that on my easy or rest days even, i still get as hungry, is this natural?

i'm only asking as one of my friends joked that i might have worms lol. so should i be concerned?, not that it strikes me as strange, just one of those things you takea notion to make o post on!

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  • on your rest days you still might needmore energy than your friends for repair, muscle growth etc, plus if youre very active your metabolism will be speeded up overall so if you're otherwise healthy and you're weights steady I wouldn't have thought that it was a problem, but I'm no expert like
  • that's ok then, i knew there was no cause for alarm. cheers
  • Eating is enjoyable so normally we want to eat not wanting to eat thats not normal
  • Just stuff your face, I do whenever I get the opportunity.

    You burn extra calories just keeping warm at this time of year.
  • If only:(
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